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White Tank & Truck Repair

By November 10, 2020Case Study, Uniforms
White Truck case study


White Tank & Truck Repair is a full-service truck support provider.  A former CLEAN Customer, White Tank & Truck repair owner Clay Sutter was not satisfied with the service when he decided to try another provider.  Twenty years later, CLEAN put together an action plan with cutting-edge technology and top-notch services that solve all of Clay’s headaches with uniforms.  The Sales and Service team were able to overcome his hesitation and go with CLEAN again. 

“I was not an easy sell (I was very skeptical) but after being with them for a couple of months everything they said would happen did. I would highly recommend them as a first-class uniform company.”

With CLEAN, White Tank & Truck Repair was able to achieve:

  • no shortages
  • consistent billing 
  • seamless repairs
  • all managers readily available

As Clay put it, “What else can I say I am very pleased!”


Two years ago when a CLEAN sales rep introduced himself to Clay, he told the rep that they were still under contract for another year, but he was not happy with his current provider. White Tank & Truck Repair had been regularly experiencing inconsistent billing: Invoices swung wildly week to week. Clay was looking for someone that could give him better control over the budget. The CLEAN sales rep assured Clay that CLEAN had evolved and improved over the years since he left CLEAN, leaving him a few references from similar peer business owners.


A few months later, CLEAN came back to Clay with a solid plan: 

  1. CLEAN has adopted RFID chip technology that would help eliminate shortages by tagging & tracking each garment throughout the whole facility;
  2. Because of the counting of garments, the billing will be more consistent and transparent;
  3. Clay could manage multiple locations with his own customer portal – I can stay involved and even remove an employee from service on his own;
  4. invoices will be emailed directly to me for all locations.

This plan, centering on the issue of inconsistent billing, demonstrated not only WHAT CLEAN could help White Tank & Truck Repair achieve but also HOW CLEAN will implement each step and make things happen. To further prove the point, CLEAN invited Clay in for a plant tour, where Clay met with the management team who were all knowledgeable about the operations. Clay was impressed, “Nobody that I talked to came close to this.” He decided to give CLEAN a try.


The CLEAN team helped White Tank & Truck Repair in a seamless transition. With new lockers and recycle bins installed under better arrangements, the changing room now looks more professional. The Route Sales Representative always checks in with Clay during delivery and makes sure his needs are being addressed timely. The billing has been consistent week to week, and Clay can easily reach out to customer service, as well as manage the program online. When one of the employees told Clay that he had not received all their uniforms, Clay was able to track the garments online and see that not all garments were turned in the week before. RFID technology is a game-changer. Besides consistent and transparent uniform costs and billing, Clay has achieved peace of mind when it comes to his uniform program.