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HVAC, Plumbing, and Home Services Uniforms

HVAC uniforms, Plumbing uniforms, Electric trade uniforms, Technician workwear, Hi vis & FR clothing, Towels, Safety gear, and more

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A uniform program accomplishes numerous goals for companies in the home services industry: safety, identification, and brand recognition just to name a few. Additionally, providing uniforms for your employees is a benefit that will help with productivity and retention. CLEAN’s uniform programs and facility services programs save time and energy for your workforce, allowing them to focus on serving the customer. Most importantly, when your team shows up at the customer’s house, a uniform with clear identification will put your clients at ease.

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Enhance Brand Visibility and Identification with Professional Uniforms

Providing your HVAC, plumbing, and home services team with clean, properly-fitting garments makes a much more effective impression on your customers as well as the public at large as they go about the day. If the job demands working with electricity, you will also want to make sure they have the proper work clothing and safety gear. Anybody driving in your fleet and getting in and out of vans/trucks will benefit from specialty garments such as a high visibility uniform. CLEAN partners with the top manufacturers in the industry, including Red Kap, Carhartt, Dickies, and Bulwark, etc. to offer a wide selection of home services workwear:

Check out our catalog for some of the most popular products in the home services industry. These high-quality garments are meant to keep your team professional, hygienic, and safe. Our experienced consultants will also conduct a free on-site analysis and customize a solution just for you.

Home Services Uniform and Workwear Cleaning, Pickup, and Delivery

Each week, our professional service representative will pick up your soiled uniforms and bring them back to our facilities. We put them through rigorous cleaning programs to remove all grease and oil. Any rips, loose buttons, busted seams, or other repair needs would be caught in house by our meticulous inspection system. Our technology-empowered tracking system ensures the complete delivery of each garment. Learn more about the CLEAN solution that helps us in our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Custom Work Clothing to Enhance Your Professional Image

Choose from our emblem, embroidery, screen printing, and dye sublimation capabilities to add personality to your HVAC, plumbing, electric trades, and other home services related business. Custom uniforms make your team more recognizable and improve your brand image. Learn more about our wide selection of styles and color customizations.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety Supplies

In addition to our variety of home services apparel, CLEAN offers a full line of personal protective equipment (PPE) and workplace safety products. Safeguard your workers as they visit sites and comply with OSHA as well as other stringent industry regulations. By always having a full stock of supplies through CLEAN’s facility services program, your workforce can stay focused on providing high-quality services to your customers.

  • Towel Services: Shop towels, microfiber towels, hand towels, etc.
  • Floor mats: branded mats, comfort-flow mats, etc.
  • Safety equipment: earplugs, protective glasses, hairnets, first aid kits, gloves, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies: towels, mops, restroom products, floor cleaner packets, heavy soaps, handwashing station, etc.
  • And more! Just ask about the many product options we supply.

Get a Free Cost Analysis Today

CLEAN is your provider for HVAC, plumbing and other home services oil, gas, and utilities uniform rental and facility service programs. Our mission is to make the customer love us, which is what motivates us to offer the best and most cost-effective products. We excel at personalized customer service that accommodates your everyday needs. We listen to you, do the research, and leverage our home services industry expertise to customize a program for each of our customers. Contact us to get a free cost analysis today!

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