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Making purchasing, branding, and customizing of apparel and accessories a more satisfying experience

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Brands and Styles for every occasion

CLEAN’s goal is to make purchasing, branding, and customizing of apparel and accessories a more satisfying experience for our customers, here’s how:

Company Outings

  • Golf Outings, Company Picnics, or Group Meetings

Award Programs

  • Encourage and Reward Team Performance and Individual Achievements
  • End of Year Gifts for your employees


  • Hi-Visibility Clothing and Outerwear
  • FR Garments and Outerwear
  • Safety Shoes and Boots

Customer Giveaways

  • Trade Show Marketing, Corporate Gifts, or even items free with purchase
  • T-Shirts, Hats, Polos and Promotional Items
  • Strategic Items to help you market your brand

Employee Identification

  • The Store can help your team and your brand stand out to customers and potential customers

Brand Awareness

  • Items specifically designed to help market your Brand successfully

Embroidered Shirts

Jackets & Outerwear

Hats & Accessories

Screen Printing

Quick Order Turnaround

  • On-Site embroidery- Each item is quality checked on-site to meet our exacting standards
  • Over 75 years, CLEAN has built strong industry relationships that allow quick order fulfillment and turnaround time
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Personalized Service Flow

  • Pack by Employee for ease of program distribution
  • Ship anywhere by wearer or by order
  • Complete Order Management and E-Commerce Solutions
  • Easy Re-Ordering and Custom E-Commerce Sites
  • Account Dedicated Sales Representative to help you through the entire process

The CLEAN Difference

Everyone at CLEAN works with one motto: “Make The Customer Love You!”  Our superior customer service and proven technology-centered approach will make your business more efficient and improve your image, just like we have been doing for over 75 years!

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