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Fire Safety, INC.

By November 10, 2020Case Study, Uniforms
fire safety


Fire Safety, INC. is a customer-oriented company that provides a full line of quality fire detection and suppression products and services to the St. Louis community.  They have been CLEAN customers for just over 15 years. Before CLEAN began working with Donna, she had used several other local companies and kept running into the same problems with inconsistent service and poor-quality clothes. 

“One of the companies would return clothing with lots of holes in them even AFTER I had asked for replacements.” Due to this, it was hard for her to keep her staff looking sharp, a big problem she presented to CLEAN.

With CLEAN, Fire Safety, INC was able to achieve:

  • Keeping staff in a variety of nice, professional clothing
  • Seamless program management to deal with repairs and replacements
  • A long history of consistent high-quality service from every CLEAN employee stepping through their doors

It is safe to say Donna is happy with her uniform provider now, “Keeping my staff in nice clothing and never having to deal with issues with size changes, etc. It’s always been seamless!”


Over 16 years ago, Donna was trying out several different local uniform suppliers to solve her uniform needs. Her place of business prides itself on its quality of service and expertise and wants their uniforms to display that as well. The local companies they worked with before offered very inconsistent service and their “replacement garments” were often in just as bad of shape as the damaged garments being turned in. Donna was put in a tough position where she was worried about the professionalism of her employee’s appearance but had no one she could trust to go to have it fixed. Enter CLEAN and now, “I don’t have to worry about our uniforms. If there is an issue, I just tell Andy and it is handled.”


To provide the quality of service Fire Safety, INC desired and deserved, CLEAN developed a plan to utilize its wide range of products, technology, and services.

First, CLEAN tackled the issue Donna was having with poor quality garments with a rigorous quality assurance system and a wide array of garments. CLEAN’s in-house garment inspection system catches 98% of repair and replacement needs. So, before Donna even notices her uniforms are wearing down, CLEAN is already on the case. No more torn uniforms returned as “repaired.” The second part of the equation is making sure Donna has access to a variety of garments to choose from. The CLEAN Store catalog provides thousands of options of garments that we decorate in-house under a strict quality control process. Donna “loves that we can purchase directly from their store and get anything we could possibly need.”

Second, we wanted to make sure Donna received the care and attention that she deserved. CLEAN goes about ensuring high-quality service in a multitude of ways. CLEAN managers conduct quarterly visits, talking to both Donna and her employees, to examine and ensure service quality. The third-party agency that CLEAN partners with also surveys customer satisfaction regularly. When Covid-19 hit, the Route Service Manager Michael Frein proactively reached out to Donna, explained the safety protocol, and helped Donna access the sanitizing supplies she wanted with the Safety and Hygiene microsite solution. 

What’s more, how CLEAN takes care of our own employees also inspired Donna. “The longevity of their employees speaks volumes to me. Obviously, they treat their employees as well as they treat their customers.” We find that if we can make our own employees happy and satisfied, it often spills over to our customers.


Fire Safety, INC.’s long-term tenure with CLEAN speaks for itself. Going from shuffling through several local companies to staying with CLEAN for over 15 years has resulted in another happy customer. “I could not be happier with the service and quality of clothes that is provided by CLEAN. I am very happy with their service and have no intention of looking elsewhere. All of their employees have made my job much easier.” CLEAN has been able to provide a consistent high-quality uniform to keep her staff in nice clothing and never having to deal with issues with size changes. The CLEAN culture begins with our founder Morris Lazaroff’s favorite saying, “Make the Customer Love You!”, and we are happy to report that we have succeeded in that with Donna and Fire Safety, INC.