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UniFirst has reached an agreement to acquire CLEAN Uniform

By February 8, 2023October 23rd, 2023CLEAN News

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did you choose to be acquired by UniFirst Corporation?

A. We believe this acquisition by UniFirst allows us to better serve our people and our customers. Similar to us, UniFirst is a family founded company and shares in our values of service quality and customer focus. They are committed to operating our facilities and retaining Clean’s employees including operational management, production members, and the service teams you know. Like us, they believe that well-trained service people have been key to Clean’s success and to your satisfaction. With over 260 locations and serving over 300,000+ customer locations across US and Canada, UniFirst has the operational expertise and the financial resources to continue to invest in the business to improve the products and services you receive.

Q. Who is UniFirst?

A. UniFirst is a leading provider of uniforms and workwear programs, facility services products, as well as first aid and safety products and services. They have built a reputation for customer-focused, consistently high levels of service quality, servicing over 300,000+ customer locations across US and Canada through it’s 260+ locations. Founded in 1936 by Aldo Croatti, UniFirst continues to be rooted in its strong family culture and guided by its core values of customer focus, commitment to quality, and respect for others. Being the leader in the market, they bring additional resources and expertise to invest in your services and needs for the future.

Q. Will my service, RSR/ Route Driver change?

A. No. UniFirst is committed to retaining Clean’s employees and operating its facilities. You will continue to be serviced by the same great professionals including management, service and operation teams. Like us, they believe that well-trained service people have been key to Clean’s success and to your satisfaction. UniFirst will be taking over all contracts and obligations to our customers.

Q. Will this mean an increase to my rates?

A. There will be no change to your contracts due to the sale of Clean to UniFirst. UniFirst has a strong reputation as a leading provider of service built on years of consistent quality and customer focus. The contracts you have will not be impacted. In fact, after the transaction closes, you will have access to additional products and services through UniFirst.

Q. Will my invoice information change?

A. No. Please continue to process payments to Clean as you always have in the past. Changes, if any, will be made further down the road and communicated well in advance.

Q. Will my products/services change?

A. UniFirst has an extensive selection of uniforms and workwear, facility services products, and even first-aid and safety services. After the transaction closes, you will have access to UniFirst’s services and products.

Q. Will my payment terms change?

A. No. None of these are expected to change because of this sale. UniFirst has publicly stated that they will be very deliberate to ensure that customers experience no negative change.

Q. I am hearing that because of the sale my contract will not be valid. Is this true?

A. Your contract continues to remain valid. UniFirst purchased the entire legal entity of Clean. As such, all obligations in the contract for Clean and our customers remain intact even after a change in the ownership to UniFirst. If you need more clarification, let us know and we will connect with you.

Q. If I need service, do I have to contact UniFirst?

A. No, there is no change in contact information. If you have any need for service or would like to talk to your local branch management, please continue to reach out to us as you have always done.