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At CLEAN, we want to be the solution provider that takes away the nuisances from your business so you can stay focused on your goals. Why spend time running to the store for facility products like tissue paper, soap, and air fresheners? Why spend time running loads of laundry?  Why spend time sourcing and purchasing uniforms for your employees each time someone new joins the team? Why spend time maintaining inventory on mops, mats and towels? Why spend your hard-earned money purchasing laundry detergent? 

Why not focus on running your business while CLEAN handles the rest?

Benefits of Going CLEAN

You’ve read a lot about the benefits of employee uniforms and how they promote brand image, enhance trust, and boost morale…what now? There are different approaches: rent, lease, or buy your uniforms. And we are here to work with you along the journey.

If you are considering starting to use a service provider, here are the benefits: 

  • Cost: With a provider, you don’t need to invest in buying all the uniforms upfront, therefore, having to spend time sourcing massive amounts of products and ultimately having to pay an unfavorable retail price. CLEAN sends out a professional rep to do an on-site analysis and build a program with each of our customers from scratch.
  • Time: Admit it or not, time and money are the same thing. If you ever do laundry at home, you know how much trouble it can be. If you own your employees’ uniforms, you will probably also have to take care of all the repairs, replacement, and upgrade. Not to mention the restroom and janitorial supplies that demand attention. With CLEAN, all repairs, replacement, and wearer changes are subject to agreed-upon cost or covered by a budget protection program. We want to help you save both your visible and invisible assets.
  • Safety: It is critical and sometimes legally required to keep your workwear hygienic to run your business. Uniforms for industries such as food processing and hospitality require a special washing process to meet regulatory standards. Specialty garments, like hi vis and FR apparel, take professional handling to maintain the properties. Professional launderers like us have been in the industry for years. CLEAN has stuck to focusing on uniforms and textiles for over 80 years; we leverage our expertise to make sure your garments are crisp, clean, and long-lasting.
  • Product variety: Polos, coveralls, dress pants, jeans…workwear should be just as diverse as your workforce. Mechanics at the service bay probably want something different from the receptionists at the front desk. A provider allows you to choose from various brands and items all in one place. We can make recommendations relating to your specific needs, saving you the struggle of browsing through tons of online catalogs and e-commerce sites.
  • Flexibility: It is easy to add or change wearers when you have new hires or turnover with a uniform program. With CLEAN, not only are costs agreed-upon or covered by budget protection, but we guarantee a 0-4 day turnaround that goes above and beyond.

If you have experience with a program and are considering switching providers, you may have come across one of the six most common issues in the industry. CLEAN has a solution tackling every one of them. As a family-ownedandoperated provider, we do what we do because we do it well. CLEAN takes the time to understand our customers, train, and build a professional service team to make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes

Don’t just take our word for it; listen to what our customers say. Check out our customer testimonials here.  

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