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Modern Innovation, Old School Service

The CLEAN Culture begins with our founder Morris Lazaroff’s favorite saying…

“Make the Customer Love You!”

As we transitioned toward the third-generation of family ownership at CLEAN, we looked to this wisdom as a jumping-off point for defining our culture.  We quickly realized to “Make the Customer Love You” CLEAN had to have employees who loved working here and understood the big picture.  Part of this process was recognizing who we are now and who we want to be.  We knew working for clean was “Not Just a Job, a Career and we wanted to emphasize our commitment to “Open Doors, Open Communications. Being a “Family-Owned Uniform Company” means we have no wall-street investors, only our customers and employees to satisfy.  This allows us to implement new systems quicker and more effective than our competition.  Next we knew the future relied on us to “Keep it Green,”and from this pledge was born a strong program of “greening” our processes and facilities.

As consolidation drastically shifts the business landscape, CLEAN has expanded its culture to the idea of Operational Excellence in order to thrive as a family-owned independent.  Each department sets its own standards for Quality, Productivity, Attitude and Safety and shares them with the other departments.  This has become a qualitative form of scoreboarding that get everyone behind the mission of “Making the Customer Love You.  Operational Excellence consistently reinforces the fact there is only “One CLEAN” and not a company of separate teams of service, sales, production and administration.  We are each other’s customers!

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Green Innovation for a CLEAN Future

CLEAN has made a serious effort to “clean” up what was typically a pollution-heavy industry. But more than simply helping the environment, CLEAN realized that being a “green” uniform company was good for business.

For example, ISO 14001 certification for environmental compliance also improves plant efficiency and reduces waste. Wastewater treatment equipment pays for itself by eliminating fees and fines and solar panels cut the amount of energy that needs to be purchased from a power plant. Innovation has allowed CLEAN to reduce its impact on the environment while being able to invest more in what matters most.

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A Tradition of Excellent Service

Investment doesn’t stop at plant improvements. CLEAN is committed to investing its most valuable resource: its employees. Morris knew that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of you, and that has proven to be one of the key components of CLEAN’s success.

In fact, CLEAN isn’t just a family business for the owners. Generations of employees and managers have worked for CLEAN. It’s not uncommon to see a manager whose father or mother started on the plant floor, or one who started there themselves. A family-owned business means that profits don’t go to shareholders or a board of directors—they go right back into the company and the community to continuously make them better. The results speak for themselves.

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Investing in employees and innovation doesn’t mean forgetting the past or sacrificing tradition.
CLEAN proves that building for the future continues to achieve the same goal Morris Lazaroff had more than 80 years ago: “Make The Customer Love You!”

We are unlike any other uniform company. You are going to love The CLEAN Difference!

One of the CLEAN Differences is we customize programs especially for you. Reach out today and set up a free evaluation of your program with one of our consultants.