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Energy Sector Uniforms

Uniforms, Workwear, Towels, Mats, Safety Equipment, Hi Vis & FR

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With worker safety in the energy sector being a top priority for both companies and government agencies, CLEAN is your partner in staying ahead of the curve in garment technology and regulation. CLEAN sources the most comfortable and lightweight garments available so your employees stay cool AND safe. With customers across the Energy Sector, our facility services program and uniform programs meet the needs of refineries, drilling sites, oil rigs, laboratories, and more.

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Oil, Gas, and Utility Uniforms and Workwear

From the engineers and technicians to the workers at the site, CLEAN has done the research and knows what it takes to service the energy industry. Proper workwear keeps your team clean and efficient and protects them from hazards like arc flash, arc blast, and electrocution. CLEAN partners with the top textile manufacturers including Red Kap, Bulwark, Dickies, etc. to offer a wide selection of energy service workwear including:

  • Industrial shirts and pants
  • Flame resistant (FR) and high visibility (hi vis) apparel
  • Coveralls and speedsuits
  • Office dress shirts and pants
  • Jackets and coats

Check out our catalog for some of the most popular products in the energy sector. These high-quality garments are meant to keep your team professional, hygienic, and safe. Our experienced consultants will also conduct a free on-site analysis and customize a solution just for you!

Ensuring Garment Integrity Through Proper Cleaning Process

Each week, our professional service representative will pick up your dirty uniforms, bring them back to our facilities, and put them through rigorous cleaning programs to remove all grease, oil, and solids. Any rips, loose buttons, busted seams or other repair needs will be caught in-house through our meticulous inspection system. Our technology-empowered tracking system ensures the complete delivery of each garment. Learn more about the CLEAN solution that helps us in our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Custom Work Clothing to Enhance Professional Image

Choose from our emblem, embroidery, screen printing and dye sublimation capabilities to add personality to your energy and utility business. Custom uniforms make your team more recognizable and improve your brand image. Learn more about our wide selection of styles and color customizations.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety Supplies

Safeguard your workers on the site and comply with OSHA and other regulations with CLEAN’s facility services program:

  • Towel Services: Shop towels, hand towels, microfiber towels, etc.
  • Floor mats: branded mats, comfort-flow mats, etc.
  • Safety equipment: earplugs, protective glasses, hairnets, first aid kits, gloves, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies: towels, mops, restroom products, floor cleaner packets, heavy soaps, handwashing stations, etc.
  • And more! Just ask about the many product options we supply.

Get a Free Cost Analysis Today

CLEAN is your provider for oil, gas, and utility uniform rentals and facility service programs. Our mission is to make the customer love us, which is what motivates us to offer the best and most cost-effective products. We excel at personalized customer service that accommodates your everyday needs. We listen to you, do the research, and leverage our energy sector industry expertise to customize a program for each of our customers. Contact us to get a free cost analysis today!

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