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Retail Uniforms

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Retail Employee Uniform Programs

Retail employee uniforms are an important marketing tool. Not only do they promote a sense of unity and belonging among workers, but they also boost brand recognition. When every individual in your company, from those in the warehouse to salespeople on the floor, wear apparel that displays your brand, you’re building an image of professionalism.

Your retail company is unique, so your uniforms should be, too. At CLEAN Uniform Company, we supply a wide variety of high-quality polos, pants, vests, button-downs, and more that can be fully customized to suit your brand. When you choose our family-owned company as your retail uniform rental program partner, you’ll receive a team of dedicated professionals that will manage it all, from initial assessment to consistent delivery. Contact us today for a free cost analysis.

Free Cost Analysis

Custom Work Uniforms

CLEAN’s state-of-the-art personalization capabilities are second to none. We offer a broad selection of workwear styles for every employee, regardless of their job title or duties. Each piece can be further customized however you wish. Our experienced designers will work with you to create emblems, embroidery, and sublimated designs that will set your employees up for success.

Whether you want to embroider your company logo on button-downs for executives or desire to sublimate 500 shirts for warehouse staff, we’ve got you covered. The emblems we utilize are made from the highest quality materials, and bond to each uniform seamlessly through our patented heat transfer technology. Unlike other emblems that fade and fold over time, ours remain consistent, wash after wash.

It’s our goal to ensure that the designs your retail workers wear professionally represent your company. That’s why we keep our embroidery and sublimation printing capabilities in-house. When we have control over the processes and quality, you’re guaranteed to receive uniform pieces that display a fresh, bright image every time.

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How Your Retail Uniform Rental Program Works

Every work uniform rental program begins with an initial customer interview and analysis. Our consultants will arrive on-site seeking to grasp a deep understanding of your current and future retail uniform needs. Once your game plan is in place, we’ll measure each employee at your convenience to determine their appropriate sizes. Afterwards, a sample invoice will be presented to guarantee full transparency and accuracy.

From there, our team will install lockers, dirty bins, rails, and instructive signs at your location. We’ll coordinate with you and your employees to reduce downtime and promote a smooth transition. Then, one of our route sales representatives will begin the regularly scheduled drop-off of hygienically laundered items and pickup of soiled garments.

As the cycle continues, we’ll stay in touch to determine if needs have changed. Additionally, each time we deliver dirty retail uniforms to our certified laundry facilities, we’ll perform quality control procedures so that you always receive the best. Our in-house garment inspection system automatically catches a vast majority of potential repairs and replacements, so we will make appropriate adjustments as needed.

We handle all aspects of your retail uniform program. Hired another employee? No problem – we’ll arrange for their uniform to arrive within 0-4 days. Our three-hour response time guarantee gives you peace of mind should any issues occur. We understand all the mishaps that can occur with a uniform rental program, which is why you can trust the CLEAN difference to save you time and money.

Uniform Laundry at Our Professional Facilities

Our laundering facilities utilize an environmentally friendly washing process to guarantee a hygienic clean, every time. We are proud to be ISO 14001 certified, as our product and service systems influence the environment in a safe and responsible way. The rigorous laundry services and quality procedures we implement give you confidence that your uniforms always exceed safety standards and foster a CLEAN tomorrow.

Utilizing our laundry facilities saves you and your employees time. All you have to do is wear the uniforms and once dirty, drop the pieces into the designated bins at your premises. There won’t be as many soiled garments in your personal clothes baskets, and your work uniforms will achieve a deeper clean than they would through residential laundering.

Get a Free Cost Analysis for Your Employee Uniforms Today

Promote your brand recognition and image through our high quality, environmentally friendly retail uniform rental and laundering services. Choose from our vast selection of tops, pants, vests, jackets and more, all customized to your liking. We guarantee accurate delivery and hygienic washing every time, so you can focus on running a successful business. If you’re looking to boost employee morale, look no further than CLEAN. Contact us today for a free cost analysis.

Free Cost Analysis