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Uniform Rental

Uniform Rental, Leasing, & Purchase Programs from Sizing, Cleaning, Repairs, & Pickup to Delivery

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CLEAN offers uniform rental, leasing, and purchase options catered to your needs. We don’t just stop at being a uniform provider and laundererwe pride ourselves on being a business partner that cares about your success with our committed personnel and strategically-selected services. We do what we do because we do it well.

Work Uniform Rental

A uniform rental program with CLEAN includes the following attentive steps:

  • Customer Interview and Analysis 
    • One of our professional consultants will perform an on-site analysis of your current and future workwear, linen, and facility needs
  • Sizing
    • We size at your convenience for as many hours and shifts as it takes to get the job done properly
    • We will be on-site educating employees about the benefits and details of your uniform rental
  • Sample Invoicing
    • We will deliver a sample invoice and walk you through it before the first delivery to ensure correct billing
    • You will have access to CLEAN’s customer portal and the CLEAN Store microsite to manage your program and budget planning easily
  • Installation and Education
    • On our installation day, CLEAN will install lockers, rails, dirty bins, and instructive signs
    • We will connect with your team to ensure a smooth transition
  • Hygienic Workwear Laundry Services
    • We launder the rental uniforms through an ISO environmentally certified washing process and facility that minimizes the impact on the environment
    • HACCP, HLAC certification, and AdvaCare ensure a rigorous and hygienic cleaning cycle
    • RFID-empowered tracking system guarantees each of your garments is tracked through the whole facility
  • One and Done Uniform Rental Delivery
    • Each week upon arrival, the route sales representative (RSR) will check in to let you know we are on site and to verify any needed changes
    • All dirty items will be exchanged for clean and proper amount of inventories
    • Delivery points will be cleaned and organized and an RSR will review the delivery and invoice with you prior to obtaining invoice approval
  • Repairs and Replacements
    • In-house garment inspection system automatically catches 98% of repair and replacement needs
    • An RSR will proactively reach out to communicate any repair or replacement needs
  • Easy Management of Wearers
    • Whether you are removing or adding a wearer, our electronically-connected network of providers guarantees 0-4 days turnaround
  • Program Quality Control
    • Manager conducts quarterly visits to examine and ensure service quality
    • We partner with a third party agency to survey your satisfaction regularly
    • Our management promises a three-hour response time— you can always hold us accountable

We understand the nuances that can easily go wrong in a uniform rental program. That is why we conducted extensive industry research and developed The CLEAN Difference solution. Learn more about it today if you are curious about how we achieve guaranteed accurate delivery, inventory control, consistent and transparent billing, and more.

Lease Uniforms

In our consultation process, we analyze how your team is utilizing the uniform services and laundry program.  For various reasons, some employees may not be turning in their uniforms for laundry service. In this situation, a lease without a laundry program may be appropriate. This gives a customer all the benefits of the uniform rental programsuch as no upfront costs for uniforming your team—in addition to continuous upgrades, repairs, and replacements. If at any time your team wants to switch to the workwear rental and laundry service, this is also an option. 

Buy Uniforms

In clean work environments where work clothes are rarely damaged and don’t get very dirty, we sometimes suggest a direct sale or purchase program. CLEAN started The CLEAN Store so that we could meet the needs of our customers with software that allows you to manage your program at multiple levels of management and divisions. When you pay via credit card, point system, or purchase order, you’ll LOVE the quality and flexibility we bring to managing your apparel programs and promotional items.

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Uniform Customization

Whether you choose a uniform rental, leasing, or purchase program, you are always welcome to customize your workwear to give your team a more personalized touch. CLEAN’s customization capabilities include emblem, embroidery, screen printing, and dye sublimation. Our in-house expertise and quick turnaround allow you to personalize your team’s appearance to your business’ fit. Learn more about the custom options.

Contact CLEAN for Your Uniform Rental

CLEAN is your full-service provider for uniform rentals, direct sales, and facility services programs. Our mission is to make the customer love us, which is what motivates us to offer the best and most cost-effective products. We excel at personalized customer service that accommodates your everyday needs. We listen to you, do the research, and leverage our industry expertise to customize a program for each of our customers. Contact us to get a free cost analysis today!

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