Uniform Rentals – The CLEAN Difference

By November 20, 2012 January 11th, 2016 Uniforms

CLEAN’s uniform rental program is designed to fit your needs with a high level of quality.  Our uniform program is also backed by our satisfaction guarantee.   Contact us to find out why CLEAN is the provider for you.

CLEAN’s technology driven, 100% guaranteed delivery system plus our customer focus has set us a part from the rest.

uniform rentals

There are a few common reasons companies are concerned about uniform rentals. CLEAN has taken these issues and addressed them in our facilities to ensure they are not problems for our customers. The following are just three examples of ways CLEAN has addressed common industry problems.  To find out more, check out THE CLEAN DIFFERENCE.

Uniform Rental Problem: Shortages

I didn’t get all of my clothes back!

 CLEAN Solution:

  1. Garment Scanning
  2. Locker Room Organization
CLEAN’s garment scanning policies guarantee 100% accurate deliveries. Each garment is barcoded and scanned upon entering and leaving the facility. As a result, all uniform pieces that arrived at the facility are accounted for prior to departing the facility. Locker room organization is employed at the business with separate bins for soiled uniforms and uniforms that need repairs. There is a communication board in place for repairs so all transactions are made with full planning and organization.

Uniform Rental Problem: Inconsistent Billing

My bill is confusing and the invoice amount is always changing!

CLEAN Solution:

  1. Easy To Understand Invoices
  2. Comprehensive Customer Website

At CLEAN, we understand that pricing and billing for uniform rental can seem confusing, and many companies are not upfront with customers about the full scope of their services. At CLEAN, we pride ourselves in offering clearly defined inventories and pricing, a variety of invoice options, a full history of invoices, and publication of the invoices on the website two days prior to delivery. This desire to be clear and open with the history of billing helps customers understand exactly what is included in each invoice.

The customer website not only provides a comprehensive invoice history, but also garment tracking, billing options, and communication with the account management team.

Uniform Rental Problem: Lack Of Program Management

Nobody ever gets back to me and I never see a manager!

CLEAN Solution:

  1. Management Interaction
  2. Professional Route Sales Representatives

The management team at CLEAN is committed to a three hour response time, making quarterly visits, and offering ongoing review of your program. It is the goal of CLEAN’s managers and route sales representatives to “Make the customer love you” through weekly interactions and open communication channels. The representatives of CLEAN are chosen following a thorough selection process and training program.