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Janitor Uniforms

Janitorial and maintenance employees are among the most important members of your team. These hardworking individuals not only ensure your facilities are disinfected and ready for use, but they also promote your brand. When your janitorial employees sport well-fitted, clean, and customized work uniforms, customers will view your business in a positive light.

At CLEAN Uniform, we offer the highest quality janitorial and maintenance uniforms from top manufacturers. Whether you’re seeking coveralls, pants, or custom polos, we’re certain the workwear you need is in our vast selection of products!

When you partner with us for your personalized janitor uniform rental program, you’ll not only receive clothing items designed to withstand the duties of a custodian, but industry-leading customer service, as well. Contact us today for a free cost analysis.

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Wide Selection of Janitorial Uniforms

We know that maintenance and custodial crews are exposed to harsh chemicals, dirt, grime, and more on a daily basis. That’s why we provide a wide variety of clothing pieces to suit your needs, such as:

Our decades of experience allow us to help you select the right uniforms for your team. We partner with brands such as Carhartt, Dickies, Wrangler, and others to provide uniforms that fit your requirements and employee job duties.


Customize Your Maintenance Uniforms

Suiting your maintenance crews in high quality uniforms boosts your brand image, but customizing each piece takes your company recognition to new heights. At CLEAN, our state-of-the-art uniform customization and branding capabilities are built to fulfill your needs. Choose from emblem, embroidery, or dye sublimation processes to incorporate a personalized look.

Whether you embroider your logo or add each employee’s name to their uniform, customization leaves a lasting impression. After we create a solution that fulfills your requirements, we’ll help you digitize your logo, produce product demos, and allow you to make any necessary changes. Our in-house customization processes ensure hands-on quality control, so the maintenance uniforms you receive meet your expectations.

How Our Uniform Rental Program Works

As a full-service uniform company, the solutions we provide are created with our customers in mind. When you choose CLEAN for your janitor uniform rental program needs, you’ll receive best-in-class customer service and apparel. Each program begins with an interview and analysis, where we take a deep dive into your current setbacks and understand your company.

We then come to you at your convenience to size each and every employee, ensuring that everyone receives a uniform that fits. Next, we’ll deliver a sample invoice and review it with you, so there won’t be any surprises. You’ll also receive access to a custom CLEAN Store microsite where you can order and manage inventory with ease.

Our team will install lockers, rails, dirty bins, and instructional signs at your facility. When your employees are finished with their soiled uniforms, they’ll simply toss them in the bins and a route sales representative (RSR) will pick them up at a weekly consistent basis for hygienic laundering. We launder all uniforms through an ISO environmentally certified process, so you can be confident that your team is well-protected from harmful contaminants.

As the cycle continues, we’ll pick up your soiled maintenance uniforms and deliver fresh, clean apparel. Our team also utilizes an in-house garment inspection system that automatically catches 98% of repair and replacement needs. If any repairs are needed, we’ll contact you and restore the damaged pieces. Enjoy easy wearer management and a team that cares – you’ll love the CLEAN Difference!

Take Advantage of Our Facility Services

CLEAN is more than just a high quality uniform provider. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all facility needs, saving you time, energy, and money. The facility services we offer include:

  • Toweling
  • Floor care – mop, mat, rug rental & cleaning
  • Restroom supplies
  • First aid kits

We’re your full-service provider of janitor uniforms and facility services. We listen to your needs, perform research, and create a customized program that’s unique to you. Gone are the days of having to deal with multiple partners – when you choose CLEAN, we’ve got you covered.

Get a Free Cost Analysis Today!

Participating in a custodian uniform rental program not only gives your team professional, hygienically clean apparel, but it also allows you to focus on key business initiatives. Gone are the days of having to size, purchase, and manage your team’s uniforms by yourself – instead, choose a cost-effective and time-saving method where we do it all for you.

Since 1938, CLEAN Uniform has been an industry leader in quality apparel and hygienic, environmentally conscious uniform laundering. Let’s work together to create a cleaner future! Contact us today for a free cost analysis.

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