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Towel Rental Service

Towels are a critical part of the workday for numerous industries. Whether used to wipe away automotive grime or sanitize a restaurant table, towels are highly relied upon. As a business owner, the time and money spent buying disposable paper towels in bulk or laundering reusable towels at home can take you away from focusing on company growth.

That’s where we come in. At CLEAN Uniform Company, we specialize in custom uniform, toweling, linen, and laundering programs. We’ll handle all aspects of your towel inventory management, ensuring an ample, hygienically clean supply is always at hand. Contact us today for a free cost analysis if you’re ready to save time and money on a daily workplace necessity.

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How Does Towel Rental Work?

Since we customize every towel rental program to your specific needs, our team begins with an on-site analysis. We then leverage the information gathered to create a towel service program that’s unique to you. Whether you need kitchen towels or bath towels, microfiber or cotton, our vast selection of products will get the job done.

A route sales representative (RSR) will visit your business consistently to pick up soiled towels and take them to our facility for hygienic laundering. Our team will inspect each towel for quality and replace any if needed. Then, your RSR will deliver fresh towels to you, and the cycle repeats! You can be confident that you’ll never run out of quality towels for your company.

The Towels We Offer

We supply a wide range of towel options for various industries. Whatever your needs, you can be confident that your towels from CLEAN will exceed your expectations. The towels we provide include:

  • Microfiber towels 
  • Kitchen, bar, & grill towels
  • Shop towels 
  • Hand towels
  • Salon, bath, & pool towels

Our reusable towels are four times more absorbent than standard paper towels and require less storage space. When you partner with us for towel rental service, you’ll receive the highest quality every time.

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Benefits of Our Commercial Towel Rental Service

In addition to the most prominent benefit of hands-free inventory management, other advantages of our commercial towel rental programs include:

  • Savings: You no longer have to bulk order disposable towels, replace reusable ones, or launder them yourself, reducing costs.
  • Sustainability: Participating in a reusable towel rental program means fewer disposable paper towels piling up in the landfill. Additionally, every CLEAN facility is Environmentally Certified under ISO 14001, so your items will be laundered using sustainable methods.
  • Safety: Our rigorous laundering processes safely remove harsh grime, bacteria, and other contaminants from your towels in a way home washers can’t. We integrate safe, efficient, and effective cleaning methods to protect you and your employees.
  • Stress-Free: Gone are the days of spending precious time and resources trying to handle your toweling needs on top of business operations, employees, finances, and more. We’ll take care of everything for you, ensuring you always have an adequate supply of fresh, new towels.

Get a Free Cost Analysis Today

Since 1938, CLEAN’s mission has been to “Make the Customer Love You!”. We offer numerous comprehensive uniform, linen, and toweling programs for companies in various industries. If you’re seeking a full-service, cost-effective, and stress-reducing towel rental service, look no further than CLEAN. Contact us today for a free cost analysis.

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