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Patient Gowns

Patient Gown Rental Program

CLEAN has been the premier choice for uniform rental and laundry services since 1938. Our industry-leading laundry facility, coupled with the vast selection of quality gowns we offer, will ensure increased patient satisfaction. Generations of customers have trusted our personalized laundering and rental services, and we’re certain you will, too. Whether you specialize in women’s health, imaging, or surgery, renting patient gowns from CLEAN allows you to provide the best care possible. Contact us today for a free cost analysis.

free cost analysis

Why Choose Cloth Medical Gowns for Patients?

Although disposable paper gowns are widely used in the healthcare industry, an emphasis on patient comfort and satisfaction has led medical clinics everywhere to make the switch to cloth. Its soft, warm fabric ensures full coverage and allows patients to relax.

Contrary to popular belief, individually packaged cloth medical gowns laundered in a top-of-the-line facility are less expensive overall compared to paper. Additionally, cloth gowns are Environmentally Friendly as they are reused and avoid the landfill.  Contrary to popular belief, cloth gowns laundered in a top of the line facility are less expensive than disposable paper gowns. 

Our Patient Gown Rental and Laundry Program

When you choose CLEAN for your patient gown rental program, we will first conduct an in-depth, on-site assessment of your current methods. Next, your personal dedicated representative will recommend a gown rental program to fit your needs. We will then maintain a regular schedule to deliver the correct number of fresh, clean gowns free of microbes to your clinic, and take the soiled linens to our facility for extensive laundering. We handle it all with superior customer service, from restocking and inventory to laundering and delivery.

HLAC-Accredited Laundering for Your Medical Gowns

Our certified Healthcare Linens Accreditation Council (HLAC) facility located in St. Louis, MO, features an industry-leading disinfecting process. Through our accreditation, a third party has confirmed that our laundering methods adhere to the industry’s rigorous standards. Therefore, you can rest assured that your patient gowns will be thoroughly laundered and ready for use every time.

Each gown at our facility undergoes the following procedures to ensure cleanliness:

  • An antimicrobial wash cycle that removes stains and potentially harmful microbes
  • AdvaCare 120, the industry’s first registered oxygen bleach sanitizer, that removes 99% of microbes and is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified
  • CLEAN’s quality control process ensures each gown is properly inspected, packaged and ready for delivery to the customer

The CLEAN difference allows you to choose environmentally friendly, cost-effective processes for your patient gowns.

Get Your Free Cost Analysis Today

At CLEAN, we strive for the highest quality customer service in the industry. It’s our goal to provide excellent products and services for all your healthcare needs. Customer service and patient satisfaction are our top priorities, let us create a gown rental program that saves you time, energy and money while increasing your patient satisfaction. Let us handle your gowns, so you can focus on providing the best care for your patients. Contact us today for a free cost analysis!

free cost analysis