CLEAN Cares About Their Employees

CLEAN has announced the creation of a new charitable initiative for its employees called CLEANcares.

CLEANcares is operated with the cooperation of the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation and offers CLEAN employees going through times of hardship with financial assistance. CLEANcares is open to any CLEAN employee that is going through a time of crisis, such as the death of a family member, a natural disaster, or any other catastrophic event that prevents someone from paying basic living expenses or covering other emergency expenses.

Some of the eligible expenses include:

  • Rent, mortgage or other housing payments
  • Temporary housing and security deposits for new housing
  • Utility bills (electricity, heating, water, etc.)
  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • Home repairs necessary to restore or maintain safety
  • Funeral expenses for immediate family, which may include travel
  • Approved travel expenses related to emergency situations

If a CLEAN employee is facing hardship for these reasons, they can fill out an application for a CLEANcares grant. Typical grants are of $250 and the maximum annual grant is $1,500. The grant is also available for the immediate families of CLEAN employees should they be facing hardship.

The Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation was founded in 1915 in order to help individuals, businesses, and charities manage charitable contributions in St. Louis. The not-for-profit foundation offers administration and fund management for charitable funds in order to allow them to be funded for much longer periods of time.

To apply for CLEANcares, download the application here.

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