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G&S Sign Services

By November 10, 2020Case Study, Facility Service
GS case study


G&S Sign Services is a custom full-service sign manufacturing company in Oklahoma City. They are well-loved amongst customers for over thirty years of professional experience in the sign industry. Their facility services, on the other hand, did not reflect the professional image that mirrored that reputation.  Owner Jim Gleason still remembers what it was like 5 years ago before they switched to CLEAN, “My rugs were all very dirty and we could not keep them clean!” Brian Hagler, the General Manager/Vice-President of CLEAN Oklahoma City and Jim’s neighbor at the time, helped Jim out.


Jim was using a provider for the floor mats at their facility that was often delivering dirty mats. Hearing about their frustrating experience, Brian Hagler worked closely with a CLEAN sales rep to develop a solution to Jim’s problem. They made it, and G&S Sign Services have been happy with CLEAN for 5 years.


With 80+ years of experience in the industrial laundry business, CLEAN understands making sure all products are properly cleaned boils down to quality control. As a process and systems-based company, the goal is to make your customers love you. Brian showed Jim exactly how CLEAN does that:

  • Incorporating Lean Process Improvement and an ISO Quality-Based System to identify critical touchpoints throughout the production process and ensure quality along every single step. 
  • An incentive-based quality system enabled by interconnected monitors and scorecards that makes sure the management team and production employees are on the same page for accountability, cleanliness, and functionality of all products.

After the onboarding process, Brian and the service managers have been conducting quarterly visits to check in with Jim as part of the ongoing commitment. Jim is surprised not only by the hygienically cleaned mats and a better facility environment, but the concierge service that CLEAN brings to the table, “CLEAN has always been on time. They are very polite and have always performed above their competitors. I am very pleased and will continue using them for years to come.” The billing is easy to understand, and the variety of services available present CLEAN itself as the one-stop-shop for customer’s various needs for first aid, safety gear, and toweling more than just a mat program.


Facing the Covid-19 challenge, G&S Sign Services is one of the businesses that had to put their vendors on hold. As an independent family-owned operation, CLEAN has proactively reached out to customers to help them through the pandemic by adjusting inventories, offering new sanitizing and disinfection services, and providing safe pickups and deliveries.