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Construction Uniforms

Work uniforms provide a sense of unity and belonging. In the construction sector, not only do employee uniforms uphold professionalism and boost brand awareness, but they also keep workers safe. At CLEAN, we take pride in our full-service, customized uniform rental and laundering programs that customers have trusted since 1938. The large selection of regulatory compliant construction uniforms we offer, along with our ISO 14001-certified processes, ensure that all your workwear needs are met with minimal environmental impact. Contact us today for a free cost analysis!

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The Construction Uniforms We Offer

The high quality garments we provide at CLEAN serve the main purpose of keeping your workers professional, hygienic, and safe. With a vast selection of high visibility (hi vis) and flame resistant (FR) clothing items available, your construction team will be noticed and protected. We understand that safety regulations are ever-changing, which is why we stay ahead of the curve and work with you to ensure your inventories are compliant and meet industry standards.

High Visibility Clothing

It’s crucial that your workers remain safe while on a job site. If your team is constructing a building or home near a busy road or during the night hours, high visibility clothing ensures they are distinguishable to drivers who might not otherwise see them. CLEAN’s partnerships with well-known brands such as Dickies, Wrangler, Van Heusen, Workrite, and Bermuda Sand give you confidence that the uniforms you choose are made of the highest quality materials:

  • Hi vis jackets and coveralls
  • Hi vis vests
  • Hi vis shirts
  • Hi vis polos
  • Hi vis pants
Safety High Visibility Flame Resistant Apparel

Flame Resistant Clothing

In the construction industry, it’s likely that workers will come into contact with hazardous equipment and substances. Therefore, proper static-dissipative and flame resistant uniforms are required to keep teams safe. A variety of FR clothing colors and styles are available to construction companies, thanks to our relationships with manufacturers such as Wrangler, Dickies, Red Kap, Workrite, Van Heusen, and Bermuda Sand:

  • FR henleys
  • FR shirts
  • FR pants
  • FR outerwear
  • FR coveralls

The high visibility and flame resistant clothing items you choose can be customized to your liking. Whether you choose to display your company logo, an emblem, or workers’ names, our customization options have you covered. We offer embroidery, emblem, screen printing, and dye-sublimation to make your team stand out and improve your brand image.

Clean Uniforms Workwear glasses

Other Construction Uniforms

Whatever your team wears while on the job, we’re certain you will find what you need from our thousands of products. Whether you’re seeking button-downs and polos for executives, or jackets, gloves, and hats for on-site workers, the vast array of clothing items we provide will ensure your team looks professional.

Our Construction Uniform Rental Program Process

Analysis and Sizing

Every uniform rental program we provide begins with an on-site analysis of your current and future workwear needs. Next, we’ll measure and size every employee on your schedule, regardless of how many trips to your office it may require. Additionally, we’ll walk you through a sample invoice to ensure full transparency and correct billing. You’ll receive access to our customer portal and CLEAN Store site to manage your program and invoicing with ease.

Installation and Delivery

Once all uniforms are chosen and properly sized, we’ll install lockers, dirty bins, rails, and instructive signs at your office, working to ensure a smooth transition. Then, the fun part begins! A dedicated route sales representative will exchange the soiled garments for hygienically clean pieces on a regular basis. If you need to add another wearer at any point, we’ll size them appropriately and deliver their uniform in a 0-4 day turnaround.

Laundering and Quality Control

We launder all uniforms through an ISO certified washing process at a facility that minimizes environmental impact. Our professional industrial launderers know how to remove the toughest stains from your uniforms, whether they be from grease, oil, or other harmful substances. The cleaning services we provide maintain the sanitation and condition of your workwear, as well as increase garment lifespan, to protect employees, comply with regulations, and manage legal liability.

Additionally, our in-house garment inspection system automatically catches 98% of your construction uniform repair and replacement needs. When an issue arises, your route sales representative will inform you and we’ll work to fix it as soon as possible.

Receive a Free Cost Analysis Today!

With CLEAN, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your construction uniforms or their laundering process. Thanks to the CLEAN Difference, you can expect our family-owned company to make your uniform rental program easy and cost-effective. We put our customers first in every service we provide. If you’re ready to get started with an efficient program that unifies your construction team and improves your brand’s image, contact us today for a free cost analysis!

Free Cost Analysis