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Facility Services

Towel Services, Mops & Mats Rental, Restroom Supplies, & More

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CLEAN FACILITY PROGRAMS Uniforms Mops Mats Supplies

Get your facility clean & ready for business. CLEAN, one of the largest independent industrial launderers in the nation, offers a variety of reliable facility services that can save you time. energy, and money.

We Are Committed to Helping You Keep Your Staff & Customers Safe

Commercial Towel Services

Clean, High-Quality Towels Whenever You Need Them

Whether you need clean towels for your auto body shop or restaurant, our reusable towels and wiper service ensures that you have high-quality, durable wiping products when you need them most. Not to mention, by using our towel services, you won’t have to waste time worrying about laundering or inventory management. Our team of professional launderers will deliver regular exchanges of fresh towels and disposable wipers directly to your facility, and work to make sure that your business’ towel and wiper program suits your cleaning needs.

Towels we supply:

  • Microfiber towels
  • Kitch, bar and grill towels
  • Shop towels
  • Hand towels
  • Salon, bath, and pool towels
CLEAN FACILITY PROGRAMS Uniforms Mops Mats Supplies towels

Why Use Our Towels & Wipers?

Our high-quality, reusable towels and wipers are an eco-friendly method for cleaning your facility, and can help you not only reduce your facility’s waste, but help you save time and money. Our all-purpose, heavy duty microfiber towels are designed using cutting-edge technologies that are not only highly absorbent, but extremely durable, making them perfect for whatever cleaning job at hand.

Our Process

  1. Our CLEAN service representative will stop by your facility weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on your facility’s towel supply need, and pick up your used towels and replace them with freshly laundered towels. Then, they’ll discuss your facility services towel program, make sure that your cleaning needs are being met, and make recommendations on how you can maximize your facility’s cleaning services.
  2. Your CLEAN representative will bring your used towels back to our facility, where they will be laundered using our state-of-the-art CLEAN technology and inspected for quality assurance.
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Commercial Mat Services

Protect Your Floors & Prevent Slip and Falls in Your Facility

Keep your facility’s entrance dry and clean with durable, high-quality mats. Our commercial floor mat services can help you prevent slip and falls in your facility and keep your floors shiny, clean, and safe.

Mats we supply:

  • Entrance mats
  • Logo and message mats
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Absorbent mats
  • Slip resistant mats
  • Other mats
  • Microfiber mops

Why Use Our Commercial Floor Mat Services?

Our high-quality, durable commercial floor mats are weather resistant, highly absorbent, and designed to keep your facility’s floors clean and dry. Our heavy-duty floor mats can reduce and prevent slip and falls in your facility and make sure that your facility’s entryway is spotless and welcoming to potential customers. Plus, a logo and message mat is a great option for branding.

Our Process

  1. Our CLEAN service representative will stop by your facility at a time that works best for your busy schedule (bi-monthly or monthly), and  pick up your dirty floor mats and rugs and replace them with clean, freshly laundered products. During each visit, your representative will discuss your facility services mat program and make sure that your needs are being met.
  2. Your personal CLEAN representative will bring your used mats back to our facility where they’ll be cleaned and inspected for quality.
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Commercial Mop Services

Clean, Reliable, & High-Quality Mops Whenever You Need Them

To keep your facility’s floors as clean and attractive as possible, it’s essential to regularly replace mop heads. Not to mention, dirty mop heads are a breeding ground for bacteria that can potentially put you, your employees, and customers at risk of getting sick. With our commercial rental mop services, you can be confident that your mop heads are clean, durable, and capable of providing maximum cleaning power.

Mop services we provide:

  • Microfiber tube mop
  • Microfiber flat mop
  • Heavy duty wet mop
  • Dust mop
  • Pulse mop
  • Dual chamber mop bucket

Why Use Our Commercial Mop Services?

Our regularly scheduled mop services ensure that your dirty, used mop heads are picked up and replaced with clean, durable mops that help you clear away as much dirt, germs, and bacteria as possible from your facility’s floors. Our industrial mop services are 100% customizable and take the legwork out of mop cleaning and inventory management, letting you focus your time and energy on more important matters.

Our Process

  1. Your CLEAN mop service representative will deliver clean, high-quality mop heads to your facility at regularly scheduled intervals (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) and take away your dirty mop heads to our facility to be laundered.
  2. Once your representative has taken your used mop heads to our facility, they’ll be laundered using our proven industrial laundering methods, checked for quality, and properly stored until your next scheduled delivery.

Commercial Restroom Supplies Service

High-Quality, Reliable Commercial Bathroom Supplies

A dirty, unstocked, or understocked restroom can reflect poorly on a company. Your staff and customers deserve clean, fully stocked restrooms that they can feel safe using. CLEAN is dedicated to helping businesses maintain their restrooms and remove the hassle of staying on top of inventory management.

We carry a full line of commercial washroom products as part of our facility services programs that reduce waste and cost in addition to promoting healthy environments for your employees and customers:

  • Air fresheners
  • Bathroom tissue dispensers and refills
  • Pro Soy hand soaps
  • Paper hand towels
  • Hand sanitizer

Why Use Our Commercial Restroom Supply Services?

Your employees and customers deserve a clean, comfortable bathroom. Our team of restroom supply professionals will make sure that your restroom is fully stocked at all times, and regularly check in to make sure that you are satisfied with your facility’s restroom items. Our commercial restroom supply services are personalized and flexible and designed to help facility owners just like you reduce their company’s waste and save money.

Our Process

  1. Your CLEAN representative will deliver your selected commercial bathroom products (toilet paper, air fresheners, hand soap, hand towels, and hand sanitizer) at regularly scheduled intervals (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly).
  2. During your regular appointment with your CLEAN representative, they’ll take the time to make sure that you are satisfied with your facility’s restroom supplies. And if you aren’t happy, they’ll discuss other options that are available to you. At CLEAN, our customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate priority.
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When you need reliable professional facility services, CLEAN is your go-to full-service provider. Our core mission is to provide high-quality, trusted services that our customers can count on time and time again. Our professional, friendly cleaning staff excels at customer service and will do whatever it takes to accommodate your business’ ever-changing needs. We’ll listen to you, do the research, and leverage our industry expertise to provide you with a personalized facility services program that meets your business’ needs. For more information on our facility services, or to get a free cost analysis, contact CLEAN today!

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