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The Equity

By March 25, 2021July 12th, 2022Case Study, Industrial Laundry, Quality Improvement, Uniforms
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The Equity is a leading Illinois agricultural cooperative located in Effingham. Farmers have relied on The Equity’s agronomy, grain, feed, seeds, livestock, petroleum, and hardware supply services for more than 100 years. The Equity needed an industrial laundering service that they could rely on to make sure that uniforms were clean and ready to keep their employees looking professional, so they turned to CLEAN. CLEAN provided The Equity with customized, reliable uniform services and a streamlined, consistent billing process.


Before switching to CLEAN, The Equity was struggling with inconsistent billing, poor communication, and a lack of uniform quality control with their former uniform supplier. “Before we contracted with CLEAN, our billing was a mess and the employee uniforms were coming back dirty and damaged,” Robin Brown, Employee Relations Manager at The Equity.


CLEAN has provided high-quality, time-tested industrial laundering services for over 80 years. So when The Equity needed help straightening out their billing and getting the high-quality uniforms their staff required, CLEAN stepped up to the plate and created a personalized solution.

  • Uniforms are laundered through our ISO environmentally certified washing process, which ensures a thorough, hygienic cleaning.
  • Weekly deliveries from a friendly, personal CLEAN representative. During each appointment, the representative collects all dirty items and exchanges them for clean and fresh items.
  • A weekly touch base during which the delivery and invoice are discussed to ensure that all uniform items are accounted for and have been properly laundered.
  • Access to CLEAN’s client portal, which allows customers to manage services, view invoices, and stay within their budget.

“Before switching to CLEAN, we were trying to solve billing issues, uniform shortages, and uniforms coming back dirty,” Robin Brown. Since switching to CLEAN, Brown noted that they’ve enjoyed consistent invoicing and positive & responsive customer service. That’s the CLEAN Difference.


As one of the largest, most prominent agricultural cooperatives in Illinois, The Equity needed a reliable, high-quality uniform service that matched the same level of excellence that they provide to their clients. CLEAN provides The Equity with consistent, easy billing, reliable uniform services, and top-notch customer service to make sure that they have the clean, professional uniforms they need and are satisfied with the industrial laundering services they are receiving. “We have only been with CLEAN for a short time, but it has been phenomenal. They are responsive, the uniforms are clean, rungs look awesome, and I have had no employee complaints.” – Robin Brown, Employee Relations Manager at The Equity.