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In the healthcare industry, it’s crucial to create and maintain a disinfected environment. Any introduction of bacteria can be harmful to both patients and staff. At-home laundering of healthcare scrubs increases the risk of contamination, due to the various interactions that take place outside of the facility. As the need for properly disinfected uniforms continues to rise, CLEAN can help you eliminate home laundering with a customizable scrub rental program. We can help you with enhancing professional image, infection control, and inventory management. Contact us today to learn more and to receive a free cost analysis.

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Personalized Scrub Rental Program

Uniform scrubs bring a sense of unity and identity to a healthcare organization. However, if employees are responsible for laundering their uniforms, you’re putting your medical facility, and the people within it, at risk. Since cleanliness is of utmost importance, it’s crucial for your scrubs to be laundered at a level that only an experienced uniform company can provide.

When you choose CLEAN for your scrub services, we first learn about your business and identify your specific needs. Next, we create a custom scrub rental program specifically tailored to you. We will then implement the plan by delivering your laundered scrubs to your organization at a scheduled time, and taking the soiled garments to our St. Louis HLAC-accredited laundry facility. Once the items are hygienically laundered, we deliver them back to you and the cycle repeats. It’s that simple!

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Benefits of Our HLAC-Accredited Scrub Laundering Facilities

Our HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council) accreditation proves that after an independent third party inspection, our laundry facilities meet the highest standards for the washing of healthcare textiles. Through our personalized rental program, your scrubs will undergo three rounds of hygienic laundering to reach the desired level of cleanliness:

  • An antimicrobial wash cycle that removes stains and harmful bacteria effectively from all garments.
  • AdvaCare 120, the industry’s first registered oxygen bleach sanitizer, kills 99.9% of microbes and is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified against viruses.
  • A separate quality control treatment ensures each piece is properly cleaned, inspected, and packaged according to strict medical standards.

In addition, our user-friendly tracking system allows you to stay informed of your scrubs’ status throughout the cycle. Your rental program will promote the safety and cleanliness of staff, patients, and visitors. Save time and money by utilizing the CLEAN solution!

Customizable Scrubs

Work uniforms serve a greater purpose than just aesthetics – they promote your brand’s image. Plus, easily identifiable uniforms build trust between patients and staff. Our polyester-blended scrubs are perfect for everyday wear and can be customized with embroidery, emblems, screen printing, and dye sublimation. If you’re ready to boost your employees’ appearance, browse our catalog to view all of our sizes and styles.

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Get a Free Scrub Rental Cost Analysis Today

Since 1938, CLEAN has provided customers with uniform rental and laundry solutions that not only give customers the gift of time, but also reduce the risk of harmful contamination. Our rigorous process for laundering medical and healthcare uniforms ensures the removal of stains and microbes, giving you both peace of mind and confidence. No longer will you have to worry about how well your staff washes their scrubs – instead, you can focus solely on providing the best treatment to each patient. Don’t hesitate to boost the credibility and cleanliness of your healthcare facility. Contact us today for a free cost analysis!

Free Cost Analysis