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Custom Uniform & Apparel

Uniforms, Suits, Chef Coats, Aprons, Linens, & More

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At CLEAN, we work diligently to satisfy our customers’ specific needs. Using our years of industry experience and knowledge, we recommend the fabric type, color of garment, and custom options based on the needs of your profession. We provide services for:

  • Custom work uniforms (automotive, mechanic, hospitality, specialty clothing, etc.)
  • Custom healthcare workwear (scrubs, lab coats)
  • Custom company apparel (for events, rewards program, employee recognition)
  • Others (Ask us!)

As a complete provider, CLEAN also offers the options for both rental and direct sale programs of personalized uniforms and apparel.

Whether you’re embroidering a logo onto a polo for executives or you’re branding the entire team with everyone’s name, our state-of-the-art customization capabilities are built to fulfill your needs. You can personalize 1 (no minimums!) or even 500 shirts, work uniforms, scrubs, and more choices of garments with flexible size dimensions.

You can choose from emblem, embroidery, or our latest sublimation process for your customization. Our emblems use high-quality material that blends and bonds to the uniform through our patented heat seal procedure. Compared to ordinary emblems that may pucker over time, our emblems provide a consistent, fresh image for your team.

We also do embroidery and sublimation printing in house, so we can oversee the process and product quality. CLEAN has hands-on control and always takes the time to inspect each garment as it comes off the line. After developing a solution for your company, we will help digitize your logo, produce product demo, and allow you to review and make as many changes as needed.

Contact us today, and we will work with you to build the uniform and apparel program you need.

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Benefits of a Personalized Uniform Program

Emblems and embroidery upgrade your employees from similarly dressed individuals to a working team. There are a variety of benefits to personalizing your uniforms including: 

Clean Uniforms Work Uniform 3
  • Branding – Your uniforms can be a simple but effective marketing tool. They represent the image and identification of your company from the front of the building down to each employee on the floor which, in turn, leaves a lasting impression. 
  • Professionalism – When customers see a logo and name, they see professionalism. Custom workwear gives a nice blended retail look that ties a professional image together. In addition to this, individuals associated with your company become easier to identify.
  • Morale – Your employees feel part of the team when they are in branded materials. There is a greater sense of camaraderie and pride wearing something that has their name right on it.

To see the benefits for yourself, experience the CLEAN difference! Contact us today for uniform embroidery or to customize your uniform program!

Brands and Styles for Every Occasion

Having CLEAN as your off-line distribution and fulfillment center, you can seamlessly select, order, and customize from over 1,000 products for various occasions such as: 

Company Outings 

  • Golf Outings, Company Picnics, or Group Meetings 
  • Custom sublimated golf towel with your image or logo 
  • Company picnic t-shirts or decorated giveaways 

Customer Giveaways 

  • Trade Show Marketing, Corporate Gifts, or even items free with purchase 
  • Jackets, Hats, Polos and Promotional Items 
  • Strategic Items to help you market your brand 

Award Programs 

  • Encourage and Reward Team Performance and Individual Achievements 
  • End-of-Year Gifts for your Employees 

Employee Identification 

  • The Store can help your team and your brand stand out to customers and potential customers 
  • Give a sense of purpose and ownership to your employees through their uniform 


  • Hi-Visibility Clothing and Outerwear 
  • FR Garments and Outerwear 
  • Safety Shoes and Boots 

Brand Awareness 

  • Items specifically designed to help market your Brand successfully 
  • A uniformed employee that works as your own walking and talking billboard 

Health Care 

  • Custom tote bags for customer giveaways 
  • Branded prescription bags 
  • A personalized scrub program for your nursing team 

Generation CLEAN

With CLEAN, you can have a new and exciting approach to creating your dream uniform and an everlasting visual impact. With our experienced team of designers, we will work with you to design a uniform that proudly represents your brand. Our new sublimation capabilities allow us to go further than just placing a logo on your chest. We can cover a whole shirt, apron, suit, and more with your desired design that we can help create.

“Make The Customer Love You!”

Starting as the CLEAN Coverall Supply Co. in 1938, we have been offering uniform rental and laundry services from the very beginning. Since this time, “make the customer love you” has always been our main priority. Everyone at CLEAN works to make our customers love what we do. Family ownership, ISO training and certification, and environmental responsibility set us apart, but our commitment to our customers is what has allowed CLEAN to thrive for over 80 years. Contact us to get a free cost analysis today!

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