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St. Louis Regional Clean-Air Program

By June 3, 2013September 16th, 2019Keeping It Green
air quality

The St. Louis Regional CLEAN-AIR Partnership has teamed up with RideFinders and the American Lung Association to better educate residents on the local air quality.  It is the time of year again when air quality worsens and preventative measures become even more important.  A preventative measure that can be taken is carpooling or using mass transit.  At CLEAN we encourage employees to carpool or take advantage of the RideFinder program which we are a member of.  We are going green at CLEAN and so can you by helping achieve a ‘green’ air-quality.

St. Louis’ air quality has been on the decline currently it ranks 25th worst out of 277 Metropolitan areas up from 34th last year.  If we all take steps to improve our air quality and environment we will make our area better and improve our air.  To learn more ways to improve your environment click here to visit the St. Louis Clean Air website.