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Solar Panels Installed on Roof of St. Louis Headquarters

By September 11, 2013July 20th, 2022Keeping It Green
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CLEAN, a premier uniform company, has installed solar panels on the roof of our Downtown St. Louis headquarters! This is just the latest of many recent steps to make all of CLEAN’s 10 facilities across the Midwest more environmentally friendly.

CLEAN solar panel installation on headquarters' roof in downtown St. Louis

The view of the solar panels and Downtown St. Louis from the roof

Adopting Green Energy

Currently there are 10,000-square-feet of solar panels installed on the 40,000-square-feet of available roof space at the St. Louis headquarters and laundry facility on 7th Street. Installation of this size will produce around 100,000 kWh per year, which offsets 1,972 tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere over 25 years, in addition to about six percent of the St. Louis facility’s yearly energy usage. That amount of carbon works out to 6,415,859 miles not driven in a car over 25 years. To think of it another way, installing just this number of solar panels has the same CO2 offsetting impact of planting 33.8 acres of trees over 25 years!

Since the installation covers 25 percent of available roof space, CLEAN is eligible for alternative energy rebates from the State of Missouri, making the solar panels a cost-saving measure as well as a carbon-saving one. Solar power reduces the total cost of energy, adds value to the building, and will even pay for itself within three years.

CLEAN partnered with Kansas City-based solar energy company Brightergy for this installation. Prior to the St. Louis facility, CLEAN also installed 5,000 square-feet of solar panels at its O’Fallon, MO facility.

Learn more about us

You’ve heard a lot about all of the ways CLEAN has tried to keep it green. All of our facilities are ISO 14001 certified for environmental compliance, we’ve improved our vehicle fleet to be more efficient, we take steps for water treatment and water recycling, and we always have more ideas in the works. We know that relatively small changes can make for a huge contribution to the environment and to the future of our business and our industry.

We’re showing everybody that keeping it green pays in more ways than one!