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Being Responsible About Water Consumption

By April 14, 2014July 31st, 2019Healthcare Laundry

Most of us have been hearing about the benefits of water conservation since we were young, but the stakes continue to get higher as time passes. These days, water shortages are especially common in the western US, but the Midwest has certainly had its share of droughts.

Still, water remains cheap and plentiful, so we only tend to pay attention to conservation during a shortage. The truth is that with increased population, increased consumption, warmer temperatures, and more frequent droughts, fresh water is going to become less and less plentiful this century. That means that businesses that use a lot of water like launderers and uniform companies will have to be responsible about water like the rest of us should.

The UN projects that water shortage will be a major problem faced by many societies in the 21st century. In fact, they estimate that water consumption is currently outpacing population growth by a factor of 2:1. And the problem isn’t so much that there is a shortage of water on the planet, but that distribution of that water and the inability to use a portion of available water due to pollution and other use means that access will be limited for some.

As is often the case, natural resource shortages can be naturally caused, but humans have the biggest influence. That can mean that we humans can use less water and that we can invent ways to use water more efficiently.

Some of that technology is already used in many different industries, including laundry. Investing in this kind of technology is not only good for the environment, but there is almost always a cost benefit as well. That factor provides a great incentive for everyone to take more responsibility for their consumption of scarce resources.

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