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Healthcare Laundry: What’s Different?

By July 12, 2013February 8th, 2022Healthcare Laundry, Quality Improvement

Healthcare is a special industry that requires special healthcare laundry services. It’s one of only a handful of industries that every single one of us will make use of at some point in our lives.

In fact, most of us do as soon as we’re born.

There is a huge variety of textile products used in all types and sizes of healthcare facilities, from large and small hospitals to smaller urgent care facilities and specialty clinics. From bed sheets and patient gowns to scrubs and doctors’ coats, there is rarely a time when a patient or a professional is not touching a piece of fabric. With contact comes the possibility that germs and viruses can be transmitted. This is why there are such enormous pressures placed on the healthcare industry in regards to cleanliness. We expect the healthcare facilities we use to have the cleanest surfaces and our doctors and nurses to have the cleanest hands, so why shouldn’t we want them to have the cleanest fabrics? This is just the first reason why a hospital or clinic’s choice of healthcare laundry service is so important.

CLEAN has responded to the demands of patients and healthcare professionals by building an entirely new facility for processing healthcare laundry items. Our facility is certified by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC), meeting their strict quality standards for processing healthcare laundry. The new facility is entirely separate from the rest of CLEAN’s St. Louis plant, using different equipment, a different team, different products, and even a different loading and unloading area. All of these steps are just part of the process that ensures that potentially hazardous microbes that can live on fabrics are killed and do not spread.

Our plant is also ISO 14001 certified, and we will soon be installing equipment to reuse water from the healthcare facility. We want to keep you healthy, so it only makes sense that we keep the planet healthy while we’re at it!

Our new healthcare laundry facility serves hospitalsspecialty clinicssurgery centersurgent care facilities, and more in Greater St. Louissouthern Illinois, and mid-Missouri.

Do you wish you had specialized care to match the specialized care you offer your patients? Ask us to see why healthcare professionals LOVE CLEAN.