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Brock Industrial Services

By November 6, 2020Case Study, Uniforms
Brock Logo Case Study


Brock Industrial Services is a leading provider of specialty industrial services located in Sauget, IL. Brock Industrial Services serves a variety of industries and companies across the nation but was not satisfied with the quality of service from their previous uniform rental provider. 

According to Brock, “our uniforms weren’t even our uniforms, they would bring whatever they had laying out I felt like. They would have holes, rips, and not so nice pictures drawn on them and not to mention I wasn’t sure if some of them were even washed before they came back. Plus the billing was a nightmare also.” 

Since switching to CLEAN Brock Industrial Services has been able to enjoy clean, fresh uniforms that are consistent in quality. “We have been with Clean for two years now and I wish we would have made the move sooner. The customer service that they provide is top-notch. Our uniforms are always clean, fresh, and delivered on time.”


Brock Industrial Services was using a provider that often delivered dirty uniforms with rips and tears.  They were also inconsistent with billing. Unhappy with the quality from their provider, Brock turned to CLEAN for a solution. Brock Industrial Services has now been a loyal customer of CLEAN’s for over two years.


Since 1938, CLEAN has been one of the most popular independent industrial launderers in the nation. The attention to detail and unmatched customer service that CLEAN brings to the table is what keeps customers coming back year after year. So, when Brock Industrial Services wanted to know how CLEAN could keep their uniforms fresh, provide quick turnarounds, and consistent, accurate billing, we showed Brock the CLEAN difference.

  • ACCP, HLAC certification, and AdvaCare ensure a thorough, hygienic uniform cleaning
  • At least once a week, a route sales representative (RSR) check-ins, exchanges dirty items for freshly laundered pieces, and cleans and organizes all delivery points
  • CLEAN’s customer portal and microsite helps clients manage programs and budget services. Additionally, during every uniform delivery, an RSR reviews the delivery and invoice before obtaining invoice approval

After onboarding, CLEAN has performed regular check-ins with Brock Industrial Services to ensure they are happy with the quality of their uniforms, customer service, and billing.  Brock is consistently surprised by the high-quality customer service CLEAN provides and the hygienically clean, reliable uniforms delivered week after week. “Our uniforms are always clean, fresh, and delivered on time. If I find out that I have to get more guys on my job site, CLEAN doesn’t think twice about coming out twice a week to get our dirty and bring fresh ones out so we can still do our job. The uniforms are good quality and have lasted the two years that we have had them and look almost new. Plus, not to mention, the good quality of service is not breaking the bank. They are very reasonably priced.”


Brock Industrial Services struggled with inconsistent quality levels, billing issues, and subpar customer service from their previous provider, so CLEAN strives to provide dynamic quality assurance and budgeting solutions to keep Brock happy. 

“We have gotten better service from our delivery driver and our salesman. Anything that we need, one of them takes care of it immediately. Plus, we were able to lower our overhead cost, which is always a bonus. CLEAN was not just all talk. They have done everything they said they would and then some.” – Brock Industrial Services