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Uniform Rentals and Facility Managment: Spot the Difference

By November 12, 2013February 9th, 2022Healthcare Laundry, Industrial Laundry, Uniforms

Here’s an unusual idea: The next time you’re in a restaurant, auto shop, or any other business in town, look at the doormat.

Yes, the doormat. At first, it may seem completely unremarkable. After all, it’s a doormat. There may be the company logo on the mat, or it may be a solid color. But if you look hard, you might see a small CLEAN tag attached to it.

While it may not seem like much, this little detail means a lot to the business owner. Not only do they get the exceptional CLEAN service that we talk so much about, but they can have all of their uniform rental and facilities management needs taken care of by one company. From custom branding and embroidery to rental to cleaning, CLEAN takes care of everything.

Also, the inventory for everything from mats to uniforms to towels is carefully controlled, meaning that there will always be just enough of everything when they need it. Uniform rentals are also electronically tagged to ensure every item is correct, accounted for, delivered on time, clean, and repaired.

But more than just uniform rental, CLEAN also handles all aspects of facility management the same way. Just like the CLEAN tag on a doormat, you might also see a small logo on a soap or towel dispenser. But more than regular soap, we offer many green options, including ProSoy industrial hand cleaner and 100% biodegradable Pink Antibacterial Lotion.

If you’re a business owner, take a minute to look at the small details the next time you’re in town. If you see CLEAN, you know that business is getting the best value and the best service for their uniform rental and/or facility management needs, all from an independent, environmentally responsible, family-owned business.

If you want to go CLEAN call 1-800-GO-CLEAN, or contact us online today!