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Learning From the Different Uniforms We’ve Worn

By October 13, 2014February 8th, 2022Uniforms
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Most of us wear several uniforms at several jobs throughout our lives, and in each one we learn many different lessons from many people. Even if the job was exhausting or unpleasant at the time, there is always some kind of wisdom we can take away from it.

In this article, the author tells us about his experience with just one of the uniforms he’s worn, and it’s something most of us can relate to. The uniform was a red shirt at a Pizza Hut, where the author worked as a dishwasher. As his first job, he learned many important lessons, not least of all the value of hard work.

Only later on in life, he realized that he also learned about himself. By taking pride in his work and connecting with others, he created a second home and a second family for himself—one that got him through the difficulties he faced at his ‘real’ home. Thanks to his second home, he was able to use his skills and connections to improve his future and prepare himself for another job (and another type of uniform).

When you think back on the uniforms you’ve worn, what lessons did you learn in them? How have they stayed with you? Are you better off for the experience? Whether you look back fondly at your first job—or even your most recent one—you’ve probably taken some valuable experience from it, and in some way it’s made up a part of who you are today.

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