How Work Uniforms Improve Your Company Image

By December 30, 2015 May 20th, 2016 Image Programs, Product Line, Uniforms
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For business owners looking to improve or maintain their company’s image, uniforms have traditionally been a great place to start. Clean, personalized, well-maintained, and well-fitting work uniforms are an easy and affordable way to make your team project an image of cleanliness, professionalism, and trust.

But since your company’s image is more complex than a simple change of clothes, investing in a more comprehensive image program is an effective way to ensure your company’s reputation is being reflected by each employee. Making image a priority has a huge payoff for both large and small businesses. For example, consider how the following can be improved with a “cleaner” company image:


A crisper and more uniform appearance for your employees won’t only give your customers confidence, but your employees as well. We all know how much more confident we feel when we wear attractive, well-fitting clothes in everyday life, so why should it be any different at work? Confidence is contagious—giving your employees confidence in themselves will ultimately result in your customers’ confidence in your service.


When customers are confident in the service they are receiving, they will naturally trust you to deliver more of the same in the future. Trust is much easier to achieve when the look of your company is consistent, approachable, and professional. Remember, your appearance is often a customer’s first impression of you!


Safety is the paramount concern for any employer, especially when an employee’s work can be hazardous. Those working in heavy industry, construction, and with specialized equipment such as electrical components, special safety clothing may be required. However, there’s no reason that safe clothing can’t also be professional. At CLEAN, we provide customized uniforms for each individual employee, all regularly and reliably managed and maintained for you.

Cost Per Employee

When managed the right way, uniforms don’t have to be costly. Business owners can either choose to buy uniforms for each employee (and clean and maintain them themselves) or choose a comprehensive work uniform program. For decades, rental programs have been the best choice for companies with many employees or tough working conditions. While the up-front cost of buying uniforms is relatively low, once laundry, maintenance, and turnover is figured in, a professionally managed uniform program is usually the most cost-effective option.

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