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Custom Apparel: Generation CLEAN

By August 14, 2019July 12th, 2022Custom Apparel
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Sociologists have longed tried to define and identify what makes different generational shifts distinct. Baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials; all generate specific stereotypes of broad swaths of the population. While some of these differentiators have shades of reality, we believe human beings are independent and transcend the period in which they were born. This speaks to humanities’ yearning to be unique while still connecting, bonding and identifying with their communities.

With a rapidly changing world, the uniform industry has seen more and more demand for customization. The new generation of workers, managers, and executives value a culture of personalization, and CLEAN Uniform has been a leader in personalization since they opened their doors in 1938. Approximately 5 years ago, we kept hearing about the need for more unique uniforming options and better software systems to manage larger direct purchase programs. Historically a rental uniform company, both of those areas were viewed as challenging to our status quo.

Fast forward to 2019, CLEAN has developed the most flexible direct-purchase software in the industry and is excited to roll out GEN CLEAN.

GEN CLEAN is as large as your business’ imagination. Meet with our consultants and dream up the look you didn’t know was possible. Combine the ease and affordability of a rental garment program with retail-level creativity. Design something that your employees will be excited to wear at work. With the ability to make experimental one-off items, where each piece has its own twist, to large standard stock orders, GEN CLEAN makes it easy to manage and be creative. Facilitated via The CLEAN Store, Gen CLEAN is an incredibly flexible tool to help manage uniform purchase programs of any size. Our customized micro-site software makes re-ordering, separating departments, and creating tiers of management a breeze.

Our focus is to help you stand out by creating and maintaining your unique image. We are more than happy to assist in digitizing your logo, and our in-house art department also provides personalized design. Interested? Contact us or email today.