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Despite Challenges, Healthcare Laundry Never Stops

By June 2, 2014February 8th, 2022Healthcare Laundry

Since the cycle truly never stops, handling the laundry for healthcare facilities is a BIG responsibility. With such high expectations and so many patients depending on clean linens, healthcare laundry programs are under a lot of pressure to perform day in and day out.

Like the hospital in this article, handling the vast volume of healthcare laundry can sometimes be a challenge. Many different types of linens used for many different applications means organization from start to finish is essential.

There are also many other challenges related to healthcare laundry. For example, the news we see about disease outbreaks in hospitals and healthcare facilities underscores the need for close, professional attention to healthcare laundry programs. That’s why we constantly take steps to improve our facilities, our processes, and our industry certifications.

Our facility is certified by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC), an organization committed to keeping the highest standards in healthcare laundry. The accreditation covers all stages of the laundry process, from handling and storing to packaging and shipping. According to news reports, the facility handling the linens associated with this particular outbreak was not HLAC certified.

By taking the time and enacting a process to ensure that your linens are 100% sterile we can offer you the peace of mind knowing that it won’t be your facility that shows up in the news. Plus, our technology-driven approach to all of our services means that your order will also be 100% correct, every time.

The CLEAN difference means peace of mind for you and your business. If laundry, uniform, or facility programs are a headache for you now, that feeling can soon be a thing of the past. Take a look our healthcare laundry services page to learn more, fill out our simple online form, or call us at 1-800-GO-CLEAN.