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The CLEAN Microsite: an e-commerce solution for corporate apparel

By October 14, 2020July 20th, 2022Custom Apparel
Our store is your store

The CLEAN Microsite is a free e-commerce platform we offer for you to easily select, customize, purchase, and manage corporate branded wear and employee apparel. Fulfilled by The CLEAN Store, a Microsite program leverages the wide breadth of apparel, various decoration options, and the ease to use of top-notch software.

Here is how it works: 3-step to create your own Microsite

1. Pick.
As a uniform provider for over 80 years, CLEAN has a vendor network of thousands of SKUs including brands such as The North Face, Carhartt, Nike, Adidas, Red Kap, and more that are all made available to you. The decision is yours – you can outfit your whole business from the front desk, the sales team, to the mechanics in the back, all in one go with different styles and colors. If you need assistance to narrow down the best selection, our experts are always here to help with their rich product knowledge.

2. Customize.
Not only can you customize the clothing with your branding information, but you can also personalize the Microsite itself, including its appearance and set up. With centralized management, you can be assured your corporate apparel is always up to date with your latest brand guideline. Decoration capabilities include embroidery, screenprint, dye sublimation, and more to produce the logo clothing to your satisfaction.  Plus, if you have multiple locations or departments, the CLEAN Microsite is a perfect solution as it allows multi-layer control and administration.

3. Shop!
It’s that easy! Log into your microsite and all employees can start shopping right away. Pay with account invoicing, personal credit card, or a points program to allow for more flexible use cases; be it employee rewards programs, corporate branding and merchandising, customer giveaways, or more. 

How to Create Your Own Microsite for Customized Branded Clothing

A sample customized Microsite of corporate apparel store


Examples: how others utilize their Microsites

Example A
ABC Casino has over 1,000 employees and offers a rewards program in house. They choose the CLEAN microsite to streamline the program process. Different department heads select the branded rewards items to load into their categories under the same ABC official Microsite. Points are loaded into rewarded employees’ accounts. That way, they can simply go to the site and order their favorite item using the preassigned points and then use their credit card for any leftover cost. 

Example B
ABC Company has 300 employees working in 5 locations spread throughout the Midwest. Their office coordinator wants every location to have unified branding but wants to be able to order and track shipping/invoicing from a single source. They decide to work with the CLEAN Store’s Microsite program to meet these needs. The office coordinator can purchase the garments directly or the employees can purchase their own with their personal credit cards. Shipping is easy as the locations are saved for checkout and an email with shipping details is sent to the purchaser whenever an order is complete. The selection of garments can be easily switched out or added to at any time with the assistance of the CLEAN Store’s trained experts. Managing branding has never been easier!


CLEAN Microsite allows you to create an alliance between your brand and premium apparel, create an off-site distribution center that ensures brand integrity, and gives access to a vast library of branded marketing and promotional materials. Contact us today for more information or get started with your own Microsite!