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City of Mt. Vernon

By October 27, 2020Case Study, Uniforms
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The City of Mt. Vernon was unhappy with their previous uniform provider and faced exorbitant fees for unrequested services and poor quality uniforms. 

After switching to CLEAN, the City of Mt. Vernon has been able to reduce their annual cost of uniforms by over $20,000 per year and has come to rely on the professional, top quality uniform services that CLEAN provides. “I would recommend CLEAN uniforms to any business, large or small.” – Mike Shannon, the City of Mt. Vernon


The City of Mt. Vernon was tired of being charged extra fees for rugs and towels they didn’t request and receiving stained uniforms and less-than-stellar customer service from their previous company. So, the City of Mt. Vernon decided to contract with CLEAN to try and lower their annual costs and seek out professional, reliable services. The City of Mt. Vernon has now been with CLEAN for 6 years.


Knowing that reduced costs and reliable, clean uniforms were a priority for the City of Mt. Vernon, CLEAN showed the client why we call ourselves solution providers. We sent out our professional rep to do an on-site analysis of the City of Mt. Vernon’s facilities and built a program that caters to the client’s needs:

  • Uniforms cleaned through our ISO environmentally-certified washing process and facility that minimizes the impact on the environment and ensures a rigorous, hygienic cleaning
  • Weekly uniform deliveries and check-ins to make sure that the client has all of the uniform items they need and that the invoice is accurate and approved before billing
  • CLEAN’s client portal helps clients manage services and stay within budget
  • Customized, in-depth cleaning services, from once a week to once a month, to minimize risk to both employees and customers. 

After onboarding, the City of Mt. Vernon was most surprised by CLEAN’s attention to detail. “They brought uniforms for the employees to try on before ordering to ensure proper fitting and once the uniforms were ordered, they installed lockers and return bins.”


The City of Mt. Vernon needed a uniform company that could help them reduce costs and provide high-quality uniforms alongside delivering top-notch customer service. CLEAN guarantees to be there for the City of Mt. Vernon every step of the way, whether it’s going over invoices or making sure that they are happy with the services they are receiving. 

“It is not unusual to see a route manager, branch manager, or anyone in management stopping by to make sure we are satisfied with the service,” said Mike Shannon. When asked what the City of Mt. Vernon has been able to achieve since switching over to CLEAN, “We reduced cost, entered into an insurance program to reduce loss. Reduced the amount of uniforms, rugs and towels by using their staff’s recommendations. We bid the uniform contract and they have continued to go above and beyond the contract.”