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Bama Companies, Inc

By September 16, 2020July 20th, 2022Case Study, Food Processing


Bama Companies, Inc. is a food manufacturing company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For more than 80 years, Bama Companies has delivered quality products to their customers, but their previous cleaning company didn’t reflect this level of excellence.

Bama Companies was frustrated with their previous rental uniform cleaning and facility services company before they switched to CLEAN, “With our previous company we had issues with billing, shortages, and turnaround times.”

With CLEAN, Bama Companies noticed a drastic improvement in turnaround times and open, prompt communication, noting “The communication with CLEAN is great!” – Duncan James, Bama Companies


Eight years ago, Bama Companies was not satisfied with their current uniform cleaning service provider. Billing issues continually arose, shortages were common, and the turnaround time on uniforms left something to be desired. Bama Companies realized they needed a change, a provider that could provide better turnaround times, consistent billing, and fewer shortages.


Bama CompaniesWith more than 80 years of experience in industrial laundry, CLEAN understands that quality control and consistent results are the foundation of customer success. Steve showed Bama Companies exactly how CLEAN makes their customers love them.

  • CLEAN implemented RFID chip technology that helps eliminate shortages by tagging and tracking all garments throughout the facility.
  • Garment tagging and tracking allows for a transparent and consistent billing experience.
  • Open communication and proactive services lead to fast & reliable turnaround times, eliminating the time it takes to get new employees in uniform.

This plan focused on solving the issues of inconsistent billing, frequent shortages, and disappointing turnaround times. “CLEAN does a great job of communicating with us and taking care of issues quickly. Always willing to help. Turnaround time is very good and our RSR Steve is very good to work with and is always engaging with employees. Employees are happy to see him.” When asked what made CLEAN stand out from the competition Bama said, “Customer service is local and there aren’t any delays in getting uniforms in. Any issues that have come up, CLEAN has gone above and beyond to get them corrected quickly.”


As a local, family-owned operation, CLEAN understands how important it is to have consistent results. Bama Companies can be confident knowing that they won’t have to worry about billing issues, shortages, or uniform delays, thanks to consistent billing week after week, superior local customer service, and prompt, timely resolution to all issues.