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Leading technology and concierge service for uniform programs for all industries and sizes


Stylish apparel and linen programs that promote a safe and healthy environment for both employees and customers


Personalized linen and apparel programs processed in HLAC accredited facility for professional image and infection control


Programs for sanitizing and disinfection, toweling, floor-care, first-aid, and restroom supplies that create safer and more efficient facilities

CLEAN Uniform, Linen & Facility Service Programs

Since 1938, CLEAN has provided personalized facility cleaning services and custom work apparel to businesses in a variety of industries. We have grown into one of the largest independent industrial launderers in the nation and, over the years, have expanded our services to offer more than uniform rental, cleaning, and delivery. Of course, we still offer comprehensive uniform programs for nearly any industry, but we also provide complete garment and linen programs for more specialized hospitality and facility needs. And with our brand new HLAC-certified healthcare laundry facility, we meet the complex and demanding needs of the healthcare industry.

Beyond our uniform programs, our unrivaled, personalized customer service, and our innovative approach to industrial laundering are what set us apart. We call it, “The CLEAN Difference,” and it all started with one simple philosophy that has become our core focus: “Make The Customer Love You!”

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CLEAN is a green uniform company

CLEAN & Green Environment

CLEAN takes our responsibility to the environment and the communities we serve very seriously. Keeping it Green isn’t just a buzzword here—we’re dedicated to making CLEAN into a greener, “cleaner” uniform company.

For years, CLEAN has invested in “green” technologies such as wastewater treatment systems, solar panels, and comprehensive efficiency audits. The result is a smaller impact on the environment, cost savings, and much higher efficiency throughout our entire process. Keeping it Green is just one way that CLEAN invests in our communities.

a clean and green approach

More Than Just a CLEAN Uniform

Uniform Rentals & Delivery

We take care of all of your uniform needs: customization, inventory, repairs, and more.

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Uniform Cleaning

Custom programs where all uniforms are picked up, cleaned, inspected, & returned to you.

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Specialty Garments

Including flame resistant, hi-visibility, & many other specialty and industry-specific needs.

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Hospitality & Food Service

Everything from uniforms, towels, napkins, and tablecloths to mops and restaurant supplies.

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Healthcare Linens

Doctor’s coats, scrubs, and linens for facilities of all sizes.

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Complete Facility

Custom floor mats, soap and towel dispensers, and mops for any business.

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Custom Branding

Custom lettering and designs on any garment from The CLEAN Store.

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100% Accuracy Guarantee

TAGS inventory system ensures total accuracy every time.

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CLEAN is in its third generation of family ownership, carrying on more than 80 years of tradition and vision.

It all started in 1938 when Morris Lazaroff came to St. Louis from Detroit for a ‘clean’ start. He built his uniform laundry business with two keys to success in mind: taking care of his employees, and making his customers love CLEAN. Morris’s sons and grandsons have continued his philosophy, which has made Clean one of the largest independent launderers in the country.

Learn more about how The CLEAN Difference means investing for the future by using lessons from the past…

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