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CLEAN Uniform
Memphis, TN

Clean serves every industry from medical professionals to industrial manufacturing. We have the solution for your uniform and facility service needs. Fill out the form below to learn how we can help!


8295 Tournament Dr. #150
Memphis, TN 38125

“If you have a floor, door, or bathroom, CLEAN supplies the products you need.”

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Memphis, TN Uniform Services

Throughout the uniform industry, too many uniform companies fail to provide their customers with the care and attention that they deserve. Our mission at CLEAN has been to make each customer love us, and we have approached this very goal by introducing an unprecedented level of service to the uniform rental industry.

This means technology-driven culture and operating systems, personalized pricing (no setup fees) and program management, one dedicated focus on the textile industry, environmental stewardship of greening what we do, and family ownership to make decisions beneficial to customers. For over 80 years now, CLEAN has been an invaluable partner for a large variety of different businesses:

Memphis, TN Healthcare Laundry Services:

The healthcare industry is one of CLEAN’s specialties. We offer medical centers state-of-the-art healthcare uniform program that features: EPA certification against Staphylococcus aureus and other bacterial threats, technology-driven delivery, and 24-hour access to healthcare account information and management tools.

Each physician, lab, and fluid resistant coat is personalized to the wearer and made with “Silvertouch” Anti-Microbial Technology, which fights the growth and multiplication of bacteria on the coat’s surface. Also, our in-house embroidery services make it easy to brand each coat (multiple styles are available).

When it comes to healthcare, we understand that doctors are not the only ones that inhabit the medical field. We also offer programs for a variety of patient gowns and scrubs.

Patient Gowns:

  • Barrier Gowns
  • IV Gowns
  • Exam Gowns
  • Mammography Gowns


  • Personalized
  • Delivered and placed in lockers or other designated areas
  • Available in different styles and colors

CLEAN’s healthcare uniform program also features facility services, which include towel services, floorcare mats and mops rental, and restroom products such as hand sanitizers, soaps, air fresheners, paper towels, and bathroom tissue.

If you have any questions at all, please e-mail us or call us at 1-800-GO-CLEAN.