Custom Food Processing Uniforms & Laundry Service

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Food processing uniforms have two main purposes: protect the product and, just as important, protect the wearer. With the countless regulatory hurdles facing the food processing industry, you need only the most durable, safe, and practical uniforms to help keep production running at optimal capacity. CLEAN stands up to the challenge.

By choosing us, you will benefit from our more than 80 years of tradition and vision in the uniform and laundering industry. We provide HACCP compliant uniform programs for food processing products that require cautious handling, such as poultry, beef, dairy, and more.

We also provide convenient delivery of cleaning supplies and fresh stacks of your laundered items, all helping you meet and exceed strict industry standards. Every item we take back to our facility is put through a rigorous cleaning process and inspections to check for repairs or replacements. With RFID technology that mass-scans your items upon entry, we can guarantee 100% accurate delivers, which means you can guarantee that your employees will have everything they need to start their day.

HACCP Compliant Uniform Programs

If you are in the food processing industry, you know that uniforms are an integral part of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program. This systematic approach helps reduce the incidence of cross contamination and foodborne illness outbreaks.

CLEAN is third party certified in HACCP and can help your business meet apparel audit requirements.

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Food Safety Clothing Requirements by HACCP

  • Snap-front – If a button is lost on a production line, unnoticed or not, it can potentially cause interruptions in future production, resulting in thousands of dollars lost. Snap-front clothing helps protect against loose items on the uniform and are effectively safer for employees, as well. For instance, if a hazardous spill occurs, these garments can be removed quicker than their button-down counterparts.
  • Pocketless – According to HACCP, there cannot be pockets above the waist because they have the potential for trapping bacteria that could be transferred to the product or transported to different parts of the facility. Also, pockets can store loose items that may fall into the packaging or food.
  • Fitted – Uniforms that are either too big or too small have the potential to cause issues, such as rips or spills. At CLEAN, we are able to come to your location to measure and fit your employees with sample garments, all based on your schedule. We have uniforms ranging in size and shape to fit everyone– because a fitted uniform means a comfortable employee, enhancing productivity.
  • Durable – Damaged uniforms leave your employees exposed and your products at risk of being contaminated. Therefore, you need uniforms that are made of durable materials to be able to withstand industrial washings every day.

Step-by-Step Laundry Pick-up & Cleaning

Although you get to see the pickup and delivery, those are only two of the many steps that it takes to clean your food processing apparel.

Step 1: Soil Scan

We go to your location and pick up your soiled items. Once back at our plant, we mass-scan them using RFID tagging and barcodes, keeping track of each and every garment.

Step 2: Washing Process

Items are separated into slings and put through a separate wash than standard industrial customers. Our chemical wash reaches a disinfectant level in the laundry process using AdvaCare, which destroys 99.99% of all bacteria and is a complete kill against food safety microorganisms that can lead to infection and death.

Step 3: Hanging & Inspection

After items have been washed, they are then sent to clean hang and are inspected for quality and accuracy.

Step 4: Sorting & bagging

HACCP customers are sorted and bagged separately to keep in line with industry safety guidelines.

Step 5: Cart Sanitation

Each HACCP cart is completely sanitized prior to being loaded with clean items.

Step 6: Delivery

Our final step is delivering freshly laundered uniforms and linens right to your door!

Contact us to learn more about our process and to see how we can help you!

Food Processing Safety Equipment

When working with food, it’s about more than just having the right uniform. You need to maintain diligent control over all aspects of your facility in order to achieve regulatory compliance. This includes well-stocked supplies in every area, from the factory floor down to each individual bathroom. We know you’re busy running your business, so let us take care of it!

At CLEAN, we offer a full range of safety equipment that not only keeps things spotless but can keep your operations flawless.

Materials include:

  • Employee protection gear like protective glasses, first aid kits, hairnets, earplugs, gloves, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies like mops, towels, floor cleaner packets, handwashing station soap, restroom products, etc.
  • Floor mats like company branded mats, comfort-flow mats, etc.
  • And more! Just ask one of our sales representatives about the many product options we supply. We can create a custom solution just for you!

“Make The Customer Love You!”

Starting as the CLEAN Coverall Supply Co. in 1938, we have been offering uniform rental and laundry services from the very beginning. Since this time, “make the customer love you” has always been our main priority. Everyone at CLEAN works to make our customers love what we do. Family ownership, ISO training and certification, and environmental responsibility set us apart, but our commitment to our customers is what has allowed CLEAN to thrive for over 80 years.