Auto Mechanic Uniform Programs

Our Uniform Services also include…

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Present your service bay as the well-oiled engine that it is. Building a unified brand image is important for internal morale and for building trust with customers. Customers that see uniforms see professionalism. And at CLEAN, we can provide you with personalized workwear in one of our automotive uniform programs. Not only are CLEAN uniforms perfect for building your business up, they are also safety-focused and fit for the job.

CLEAN can work with you to create a program that is cost-effective, but most important of all, provides cleanliness, organization and safety to your employees and facility. In addition to uniforms, we also provide purchase and rental programs of mats, fender covers, towels and disposable gloves. All of our services create better workflow among employees and also keep you on track. We can take care of the small details so that you can focus on getting the job done. Contact us so that we can help your business continue to fire on all cylinders.

Personalized Automotive Uniforms
& Laundry Service

CLEAN ensures that your technicians and employees look their very best and ready to work in a professional uniform. We offer a variety of mechanic uniforms, dealership apparel and comfort garments that keep functionality aligned with brand image. Choose from a large variety of styles and colors, and then our advanced customization capabilities allow you to put your company logo and the employee’s name right on each employee’s own uniform!

And even with their spiffy new uniform, we know that does not stop your employees from ducking their head under the hood of a car and getting their hands–and clothes–dirty. Which is why we set up a schedule to come and pick up your greasy, grimy gear and replace them with a fresh stack for your convenience.

We take your dirty uniforms back to our facilities and put them through rigorous cleaning programs to comply with safety standards. We also repair any rips or tears and will replace completely worn-out garments, as needed. Once all cleaned, we offer a 100% accuracy guaranteed delivery so you never have to worry about a delivery being late. That means you have the peace of mind of knowing that your employees will always have their uniform on time and that it looks as good as new.

Maintaining a CLEAN Automotive Facility

We care about the safety of you, your employees, your property, and the environment. Which is why we let you take care of your business’ core competencies instead of sweating the small stuff like cleaning towels and mats and taking time to restock facility cleaning supplies. We take care of it for you by stopping by to pick up, clean and replace them!

  • Shop towels — Shop towels that once may have been white are almost entirely stained black by the end of the day. We offer lots of speciality towels for even the dirtiest shops, like our microfiber Super Towel and more. Then, when they are ready to be cleaned, we take them off your hands. CLEAN has a DAF process that extracts all of the grease and oil and disposes of it in an environmentally safe way. This is how we are an eco-friendly company that keeps your needs in line with environmental safety.
  • Mats — When your clothes don’t catch the grease and grime that falls, you better believe that your floor does. We haul your floor mats away and replace them with clean ones that are also in compliance with the standards of National Floor Safety Institute. And don’t forget: we personalize mats too!
  • Disposable Gloves — We carry the #1 disposable glove on the market: a thick nitrile glove that is textured for handling greasy tools and products.
  • First Aid Kits — Don’t be caught off guard when one of your employees hurts themselves. Our first aid kits have everything you need for minor injuries and emergency situations.
  • Handwashing supplies — Your mechanics aren’t afraid to get a little messy. So, rather than constantly worrying about whether your handwashing stations are always stocked, we take care of it so that they can continue to get their hands dirty.
  • Mops — No one wants to be slipping and sliding on oil. Which is why you should mop often with a fresh mop head that we can deliver right to you.
  • Degreasers — The floors and surfaces of your shop might get covered in footprints, handprints, grease and grime. Our special degreasers break up oil marks to make everything shiny and new.
  • Fender covers and more — Contact us to see about our other options!

“Make The Customer Love You!”

Starting as the CLEAN Coverall Supply Co. in 1938, we have been offering uniform rental and laundry services from the very beginning. Since this time, “make the customer love you” has always been our main priority. Everyone at CLEAN works to make our customers love what we do. Family ownership, ISO training and certification, and environmental responsibility set us apart, but our commitment to our customers is what has allowed CLEAN to thrive for over 80 years.