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Work Uniform & Inventory Solutions

Not only does CLEAN provide brandable yet functional uniforms for a variety of industries, we can also guarantee your continued satisfaction with our 100% accurate deliveries and personal interactions.

With 80 years of experience in the industry, we have come across many common frustrations that people have with uniform programs provided by national chains. We have utilized a powerful combination of technology and high-touch customer care in order to solve these issues.

Our friendly sales representatives will come out to your organization and perform a competitive customer interview to assess your needs and provide recommendations for your success. Once you have a uniform program that is customized specifically for your organization, you will never have to suffer a headache from things like missing garments, tattered uniforms in need of repair, or inconsistent billing. Here’s how:

CLEAN Solutions

  • 100% accuracy guaranteed delivery
  • Full uniform repairs and replacements
  • Complete transparency through our customer care website
  • Personable and professional interaction

This is what we call The CLEAN Difference, and we’re proud to provide our clients with an outstanding customer service experience!

100% Accuracy Guaranteed Delivery

The Total Accountability Garment System (TAGS) is our state-of-the-art inventory management system, which ensures that you will always get 100% accurate deliveries, guaranteed. Each garment goes through this RFID-based system, meaning that when it is in our hands, it is always accounted for.

Locker Room Organization

The first step to a great inventory management system is having an organized locker space for your employees. Our emphasis on planning and organization makes locker room management much less of a burden. We provide designated bins for soiled items and those needing repairs.

We also provide a communication board for those people that want to let us know when there is an issue that needs repair. With lockers and hanging organizers, we will then hang your garments in easy-to-recognize locations so that your employees are never scrambling to find their uniforms.

Garment Tagging & Scanning

After pickup from the bins at your organization, we will take the soiled items back to our facility. Once there, everything that comes through our door has already been or will be tagged. With our advanced system, we can do a mass scan of your bundles to keep track of all garments as they go through our facility.

After a rigorous wash and sort process, they are then scanned one last time. We do this before anything ever leaves our facility to eliminate all sorting errors. This is called Complete Wearer Verification and CLEAN is proud to offer this value-added service to our customers.

Uniform Repair and Replacement

Just before being scanned out of our facility, your garments go through a 4-stage quality control process to catch 98% of repair needs in-house. If a uniform can’t be repaired, we will include a brand new one with your next delivery.

Our organized system reduces turnaround time for new employees that require uniforms. Instead of waiting weeks for a new employee’s uniform or for replacements, we have a turnaround time of just 0-4 days for current customers.

Comprehensive Customer Website

As part of our belief in full transparency with our client, you can track the entire CLEAN process all from your computer screen. By logging into your interactive client dashboard, you can easily view all current and past invoices, track your inventory while it is away from your business, and communicate directly with us!

Close Program Management

We also believe in personal interaction for all of our customers. Every customer has weekly communication with our professional route sales representatives, and our management has a three-hour response time. Plus, a manager will visit in person every quarter and will continually review your program through third-party surveys and quality control manager audits.

“Make The Customer Love You!”

Starting as the CLEAN Coverall Supply Co. in 1938, we have been offering uniform rental and laundry services from the very beginning. Since this time, “make the customer love you” has always been our main priority. Everyone at CLEAN works to make our customers love what we do. Family ownership, ISO training and certification, and environmental responsibility set us apart, but our commitment to our customers is what has allowed CLEAN to thrive for over 80 years.