Uniforms & The Teams We Love

By October 21, 2014 November 18th, 2015 Uniforms

Uniforms are a part of our lives. Whether it’s one you had to wear for work, to school, or on the field, there’s no doubt we’ve all donned one at some point in our lives. But what if your school uniform clashed with the uniform of your beloved team? Well, for one 3 year old from across the pond in England it did, and she wasn’t going to stand for it.

In the video you can see her utter contempt for the color blue. She despised the color blue because her favorite team is Manchester United and their rival Manchester City wears it as their home color. She wailed and cried all the while her mother and father tried to console her. However, Man U came to the rescue and set this little storm of emotion straight. After seeing her devotion to the colors of her team, Manchester United tweeted:


After her visit to Old Trafford for a game and her new blue Manchester United third jersey kit, her tune changed about the color blue, but her love for the Mighty Red remained. She still favors the red kit to the blue, but she now knows that she “can still wear blue and be a Red.”

In life we may not always get to pick our uniform, but there’s much to learn from each uniform we wear. Whether that’s in the form of experiences, skills, or time spent, there’s always something to take away from it. So put on your uniform and do the best you can because you represent everyone else who wears the same.

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