St. Louis and O’Fallon IL pass ISO 14001 Audits

By July 18, 2014 November 18th, 2015 CLEAN News, Keeping It Green
clean uniform iso 14001 environmental certification

The plants in O’Fallon, IL and St. Louis both recently passed their ISO 14001 audits!

The ISO 14001 standard is for an environmental management system. The purpose of the standard is to minimize an organization’s negative effect on the environment by complying with any local laws or regulations and by implementing and continually improving upon an efficient environmentally friendly system.

Besides simply being environmentally friendly, implementation of the standard is also a waste-saving and ultimately a cost-saving measure. This is achieved through the standard’s focus on raw material consumption, efficiency, and cost-saving.

ISO 14001 can be applied to a wide varieties of businesses and industries, but at CLEAN we take it very seriously because of the potential impact our industry has on the environment. By doing our best to reduce this impact as much as possible, we are taking a huge step to lessen our environmental impact and to set the example for the rest of our industry.

Read more about our ISO 14001 certified facilities in your area here or check out all of our plants’ certifications here.

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