How Do Professional Sports Teams Keep Uniforms Clean?

By July 17, 2015 May 20th, 2016 Uniforms
how do professional sports teams keep uniforms clean

First of all, we’re super proud of our Women’s National Soccer Team for bringing home the World Cup trophy earlier this month! But have you ever wondered how all their uniforms always look spectacular (at least when the game starts)?

We have, and know exactly what it takes to keep uniforms looking like new each time, every time.

The process behind a clean uniform isn’t always as simple the end result. There is actually a great deal of science behind removing a stain. The best place to start is by breaking down the chemical elements of the most common stains found in your sport/job. Chemistry quickly becomes much more important than simply adding soap to a washing machine and hoping that the stain comes out.

For certain stains, even the pH balance of the water and chemical structure of the soap can make the difference in the success or failure of a wash. For example, the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team use a detergent specifically created for Major League Baseball, called Slide Out. This detergent was designed specifically to remove the grass, dirt, and clay stains that players get when playing baseball.

While the effectiveness of industrial cleaners is significantly higher than the store-bought variety, they are also more difficult to use. Often times these detergents are so potent, that they are corrosive and require special handling during use and when being shipped.

Because of this, we take our role in the management of our cleaning agents seriously. We know that these chemicals can have a huge effect on the environment if not managed correctly. That’s why all of our facilities are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management and why we have invested in wastewater cleaning technology at our St. Louis headquarters.

So the next time you see Jason Heyward makes a diving catch, you can appreciate why he doesn’t have to worry about what it does to his uniform!

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