Healthcare Tip: Exercise

By August 24, 2012 November 18th, 2015 Health Tip

Healthcare professionals are increasingly promoting the importance of exercise to a healthy lifestyle. There are many types of exercise, and many benefits you can experience as a result.

Types Of Exercise:

“Exercise need not be painful to be effective – studies show 10-minute power workouts 1-3 times a day improve cardiovascular function as well as one 30 minute intensive session.  Consider mini workouts, or even simple activity adjustments like climbing (sprinting) stairs and parking at a distance to increase activity throughout the day.”

Even without a gym membership and fancy machines, you can stay fit just by utilizing gravity and your own body weight. The key to effective exercise is to raise your heart rate into a target range and maintain it for a predetermined period of time. The target heart rate and duration will depend on your weignh, BMI, and current level of fitness. For help reaching your goals, contact a fitness professional in your area.

Healthcare Benefits Of Exercise:

According to research, there are many benefits to exercise that you may not expect, including boosting brain power, battling aging effects, and counteracting depression. You can also increase self esteem and positive body image. Exercising releases chemicals in the body that increase happiness.