Employee/Customer Testimonials

By November 21, 2012 November 18th, 2015 Quality Improvement, Testimonials, Uniforms

“I am very thankful to be employed by such a WONDERFUL employer, THANK YOU!!!!”   -Brenda Cahill

Richard Dorsey, the GM of Peterbilt, stated that “he is very impressed with our response time.  Anytime he has requested an extra product or added a new employee, CLEAN always responds in a timely manner.  He said that he can always rely on us to take care of him.”

Gail Blong, Owner of Billie Gail’s Cafe in Branson, MO said, “Jake Dean is an excellent RSR.  She also stated “if this is the kind of RSR’s CLEAN has throughout the company then she will tell everyone she knows that CLEAN is the company to use.”

Neil Corder at Wayne Smith Trucking said, “the new logo mats looked very professional and  he is very happy that they made the change to CLEAN.”