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CLEAN was recently recognized as the Featured Business by, an organization that advocates for environmentally-friendly personal and business practices in the St. Louis region.

CLEAN is committed to the environment through investments in wastewater treatment, environmentally-friendly chemicals, and internal sustainability initiatives such as fuel-efficient vehicles and implementation of solar panel technology.

“We are excited to be apart of this great website and companion app,” said David Lazaroff, President of CLEAN. “It helps to let people know about what CLEAN is doing to ‘green’ our processes and be good corporate citizens.”

All of CLEAN’s facilities are currently ISO 14001 certified for environmental compliance, and there are plans to install a wastewater recycling system for the new healthcare laundry facility in St. Louis.

What do “green” and “sustainability” mean? According to,

‘Green’, also known as sustainability, allows a product, process, or event to meet current needs while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Our success in implementing sustainable principles will determine the ability of our children and their children to meet these same needs.

On an individual level, living sustainably means your everyday activites do not negatively affect the environment. It means using less of just about everything — except reusable materials.

Green initiatives go all the way up to the federal level with both laws and executive orders pushing for businesses and individuals to live and work more sustainably. But that doesn’t mean efforts have to be huge or complicated. For individuals, little things like considering what kind of cup you drink your coffee from or what you do with plastic grocery bags can make a huge difference over time. In a potentially pollution-heavy industry like industrial laundry, on the other hand, CLEAN is taking large steps all the time in order to reduce its impact on our environment!

By being listed on and being recognized as the Featured Business, CLEAN displays its commitment to the St. Louis community and to the environment. For more information on and to download their app, visit their website.