A Muddy Game Means Lots of Laundry

By November 21, 2013 November 18th, 2015 Uniforms

Over the weekend, there was a very stormy football game in Chicago between the Bears and the Ravens. Since the surface at Soldier Field is natural grass, the players ended up getting very muddy by the end of the game. That means the industrial laundry team back in Baltimore has had an active week to say the least.

You could tell that mud got on everything, from the players’ uniforms to the officials, and everything on the sidelines. The laundry staff said that they even had to take apart the coaches’ whiteboards to clean, they were so caked in mud.

The chief of that busy laundry crew was interviewed today for the Ravens’ website, and he sounded like a busy man after Sunday’s game. Baltimore wore their white uniforms, which made his job even more difficult than usual.

Some of the uniforms had to be washed again and again before they came clean again. The process took a few days, and after many cycles the uniforms were finally clean, although some were worse off than others. Apparently one of the offensive guards’ uniform was so bad they could barely make out whose it was!

Some of the towels, however, didn’t fare too well. Even after a couple heavy laundry cycles with bleach, they were too dark to be used again.

Between some cycles, the washing machines themselves had to be cleaned out, along with all of the other equipment. Helmets, shoes, pads, everything had to be cleaned. For the former firemen making up the laundry crew, however, this was all part of their old routine.

For industrial launderers like us at CLEAN, we’ve seen this all before. No matter how much mud you’ve been playing around in, what kinds of cars your techs have been working on, or how much balsamic vinegar your kitchen has been cooking with, we will get all of your uniforms, towels, and other garments clean, repaired, and back to you exactly how you need them.